Monday, May 17, 2010

Woodsman - Collages

Mexican Summer, 2009

Perfectly flowing, weed-smoking, chillout music. Simplistic, psychedelic jams with shimmering post-rock beauty and repetitive, heavy krautrock build-ups. An album that gets better and better as it goes along until the end comes and, in a deep trance, you want it to keep on going. Utterly fantastic album! and they have another EP coming out June 1st.

"From the green forests of Denver comes the debut album from Woodsman, an instrumental quartet with roots in nature, post-rock of the mid-‘90s Tortoise/Cerberus Shoal/A Minor Forest variety, and a sense of epic grandeur that ties the whole thing together. Killer from nose to nuts, with 19-minute monster 'Mothershift' taking top honors; it reminds us that one ton of feathers is just as crushing as one ton of lead, if properly positioned." -mexicansummer

LIYL: Human Bell, Neu!, Can, Ash Ra Tempel, The Alps, Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips, Voice of the Seven Thunders, Religious Knives
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Man, you're really gettin' your wank on! I'm proud of you! Thanks for these gems.

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great, thanks.