Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Orn - Teeth/Knowing

Elevation, 2009

Great Toronto sludge/drone/noise band that came and went with little notice. I saw them open for Boris before they even had any releases. A fantastic set. Like Ocean but with more ear-bleeding noise. Been meaning to post this EP for a while now but kept forgeting. Now that I check their myspace for this post I see they sadly broke up last year. Good news is they posted their unreleased full-length to download (sendspace link works). Listening to it now, it's slower and even noisier than the ep. Reminds me of Japan's Up-Tight.

"Orn are a new three piece doom metal band from Toronto, one drummer, two guitarists and a wall of amplifiers. Orn's doom is heaving and raw, the drone is delivered in snarling unapologetic straight shots. The intensity is built up and torn down with minimal structures with guttural screams, sustaining guitars and punishing insistent rhythms that force their way into your mind. With extended listen the music becomes impossibly heavy and hypnotic hitting you with wave after wave of hard charging, supremely gratifying, destroyed noise. Welcome the arrival of a new player in the noise world: Orn." - Elevation

LIYL: Ocean, Graves At Sea, Corrupted, Up-Tight, Buried at Sea, Boris, Merzbow
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This is destroying me right now.

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