Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Evpatoria Report - Maar

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Label/Date: Get A Life! Records, 2008
Genre: post-rock
From: Switzerland
LIYL: GYBE!, Ascent of Everest, Sparrows Swarm and Sing, Mono, My Education, Pirate Ship Quintet
Website : Myspace

Silencio - Dead Kings

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Label/Date: Mountain Collective, 2004
Genre: "a righteously catchy pop/grind/jazz/avant/prog/salsa/death epic !" -Crucial Blast
From: Columbus, Ohio
LIYL: Mr Bungle/Fantomas, Naked City, Flying Luttenbachers, Coptic Light, Samuel Jackson 5, Ruins, King Crimson, Don Cab, Battles, Coltrane, Iceburn, Kayo Dot
Website : Myspace

Iota -Tales

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Label/Date: Small Stone Records, 2008
Genre: psychedelic stoner/sludge metal
From: Salt Lake City, Utah
LIYL: Hidden Hand, Kyuss, Earthless, Yob, Mammatus, Crowbar, Capricorns, Sabbath, Ufomammut, Acid King, Los Natas
Website : Myspace

U.S. Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs

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Label/Date: Neurot Recordings, 2008
Genre: psych, space rock
From: Marion, North Carolina
LIYL: Acid Mothers Temple, Up-Tight, Hawkwind, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Comets on Fire, Danava
Website : Myspace

Gospel - The Moon Is A Dead World

Check out the excellent review on Last Train To Cool
Download: megaupload
Label/Date: Level Plane, 2005
Genre: progressive hardcore
From: Brooklyn, NY
LIYL: City of Caterpillar, Eleventh He Reaches London, Circle Takes The Square, Yes, Genesis, The Pax Cecilia, Botch, Burst, Cave-In, Mars Volta
Website : Myspace

Vecchio - Afro-Rock

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Label/Date: De Wolfe Library, 1971
Genre: afrobeat, funk
From: Italy?
LIYL: Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango, Antibalas, Greyboy Allstars, James Brown, Tony Allen, Kool & the Gang
Hard to find info on this one so check out another bloggers write-up here.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mugstar - Mugstar

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Label/Date: Critical Mass, 2007
Genre: freakout psych, noise-rock
From: Liverpool, United Kingdom
LIYL: Monkey3, Noxagt, Kinski, Circle, Young Widows, Turing Machine, Lightning Bolt, Acid Mothers, Hawkwind, High Dependency Unit, Shellac, Tarantula Hawk
Website : Myspace

Pocahaunted - Mirror Mics

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Label/Date: Weird Forest, 2008
Genre: psych-drone, tribal drone
From: Eagle Rock, California
LIYL: Grouper, Religious Knives, Robedoor, Mouthus, Double Leopards, Lichens, Skullflower, Faust, Growing
Website : Myspace

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Conifer - Conifer

Download: mediafire
Label/Date: Notcommon Records, 2004
Genre: Post-metal, Doom, Psychedelic
From: Portland, Maine
LIYL: Year Of No Light, Mouth of the Architect, Isis, Rosetta, Harvey Milk, Cult of Luna, Tusk, Minsk
Website : Myspace

Mouth Of The Architect - Quietly

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Label/Date: Translation Loss, 2008
Genre: post-metal, sludge
From: Hell, Ohio
LIYL: Neurosis, Cult of Luna, Isis, Rosetta, Year of No Light, Irreversible
Website : Myspace

Clouds - We Are Above You

"From 70s blues-rock riffs to hardcore punk to macho stoner metal, Clouds is equally good at all of it"
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Label/Date: Hydra Head Records, 2008
Genre: rock, metal, hardcore
From: Boston, Massachusetts
LIYL: Melvins, Torche, Baroness, Boris, Clutch, Akimbo, Black Mountain, Motorhead, Cave In, Led Zeppelin, Black Flag
Website : Myspace

Red Sparowes - Aphorisms EP

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Label/Date: Sargent House, 2008
Genre: post-rock
From: Los Angeles
LIYL: Daturah, This Will Destroy You, Mono, EITS, Pelican
Website : Myspace

The Jimmy Cake - Dublin Gone. Everybody Dead

Download: rapidshare *thnx wetdogmeat
Label/Date: Pilatus Records, 2002
Genre: post-rock. First post-rock cd I've heard with prominent Accordion use.
From: Dublin, Ireland
LIYL: These Monsters, Laura, DMST, Samuel Jackson 5, We Vs. Death, Tuna Laguna, The Drift, Jaga Jazzist, Natsumen
Website : Myspace