Sunday, November 13, 2011

Good news everyone!

I'm moving soon! If anybody who visits my blog lives in Kingston Ontario we should meet. It'd be great to know some people with taste (especially if you're a woman!) and have someone to go to shows with. Devin Townsend is playing there soon! I can't wait to live in a city. Where I can get drunk and walk to a show! Maybe the change in scenery will bring a change in my mood and I won't be such a miserable cunt.

In other news, Dimitri's back! After a long absence (and me sometimes wondering if he was dead) he splooges a shit-ton of music on us! He's got four new mixes posted which is like fuckin four days worth of music.

I haven't been able to digest it all, but last Sunday I was hungover in bed and listened to his Sunday Morning Songs II and I must say, it is fucking magnificent! If you like the softer stuff I post you'll want to grab both Sunday Morning posts (the first is more upbeat and kinda funky). Get em all in the Dungeon! (dl links are in comments)

Dimitri's Sunday Morning Songs
Dimitri's Sunday Morning Songs II - Dreaming Strings
DIMITRIS DUNGEON MIXTAPE VI - Electrician Cry Out For Justice

Dimitri doesn't say much but he's got a way with words; "Music for stimulating your pussy and asshole with hard and soft boiled eggs." lol!

There might be less posts for a litte while as I get settled (I have a big Christmas present lined up for you all) but right now I got some albums for you fuckers. So scroll down and enjoy

Boogie Monster - Zechimechi

Needs More Ram records, 2011

Two dudes makin a fuckload of noise. Canada's answer to Lightning Bolt.

Website : Myspace : dl

Sahara Surfers - Sonar Pilot

Sound Zero, 2010

Female-fronted stoner-rock from Austria. I posted their previous album not too long ago. a catchy, rockin album that grows on you with each listen. This new one is more of the same great stuff. And it's available to download free from their label!

Website : Myspace : dl

Oranssi Pazuzu - Kosmonument

Spinefarm Records, 2011

Psychedelic Black Metal, Space Rock

"From Finland, ORANSSI PAZUZU climax with their new album which offers a mix of Occult, Psychedelic, Progressive and Heavy Black Metal of a staggering beauty. The Finns’ music ranges from the Nordic Aggressive Black Metal we all know to Rock touches from the ’70 which reminds the listener of the Space Rock movement, dreamy and eerie. Oh and the vocals are so Dark and Evil." - Kogaionon Reviews

Website : Myspace : dl

Elder - Dead Roots Stirring

Meteorcity, 2011

"Elder describe themselves as "a sonic interpretation of the forces that surround us; the pounding waves of ancient seas, the weight of stone colossi rising up from the earth and the endlessness of inflamed, majestic skies." Dead Roots Stirring, their second album since 2009, proves their poetic self-description is truth. Elder's balance of doom-heavy bombast, bulky metal, and stoner rock has been perfected, translating their riff-heavy debut for long, structured monoliths of massive, slow-burning charcoaled incense. "The waves of ancient seas" act as the foundation in which their songs are layered upon, "the weight of stone colossi rising up from the earth" as the copious, blackened adrenaline of their massive guitar riffs, and "the endlessness of inflamed, majestic skies" as the mythic, earth-toned atmosphere signaled from their self-created, smoke filled sky above." - Olive music

Website : Myspace : dl