Thursday, May 29, 2008

LITE - Phantasia

Download: filefactory
Label/Date: Daizawa records, 2008
Genre: insturmental rock, math rock
From: Tokyo, Japan
LIYL: Te, Maserati, Mudy on the Sakuban, Turing Machine, Toe, Rosalina Mar
Website : Myspace

Assemble Head in Sunburst Sound - Ekranoplan

Download: megaupload
Label/Date: Tee Pee Records, 2007
Genre: Psychedelic rock
From: San Francisco
LIYL: Amon Duul II, 13th Floor Elevators, Pink Floyd, Comets on Fire, Dead Meadow, Jefferson Airplane, Flower Travelin Band
Website : Myspace

La Ira De Dios

Hacia el Sol Rojo (2005)
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Archaeopterix (2006)
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Cosmos Kaos Destruccion (2008)
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Genre: psychedelic garage rock
From: Lima, Peru
LIYL: Mammatus, The Groundhogs, Hawkwind, Acid Mothers Temple, The Sonics, Earthless, Ash Ra Tempel, Bardo Pond
Website : Myspace

Audrey - The Fierce And The Longing

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Label/Date: TenderVersion, 2008
Genre: All-girl Swedish quartet. Dark, dreamy, lush, beautiful pop music. post-rock influenced.
LIYL: Bee & Flower, The Gathering, Gregor Samsa, Portishead, Electrelane, Sigur Ros, Bjork
Website : Myspace

Fight Amp - Hungry For Nothing

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Label/Date: Translation Loss, 2008
Genre: noise-rock, hardcore
From: West Berlin, New Jersey
LIYL: Young Widows, Kylesa, Breather Resist, The Jesus Lizard, Unsane, Shellac, Melvins, Botch
Website : Myspace

Karysun - Interceptor

Download: megaupload
Label/Date: Sound Devastation Records, 2008
Genre: noise rock duo, stoner metal
From: France
LIYL: Throw Stephanie In The Incinerator, Torche, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, Baroness, Floor, Black Cobra
Website : Myspace

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Dysrhythmia - Pretest

An old favorite. I've been spinning it a lot recently and fell in love with it again. Standout tracks are "Bastard", Running Shoe of Justice" and "Annihilation I".
Download: mediafire
Label/Date: Relapse Records, 2003
Genre: instrumental rock
From: Philadelphia
LIYL: Te, Turing Machine, Shellac, Stinking Lizaveta, Don Caballero, Rothko, Hematovore, Mahavishnu, King Crimson, Slint, Maserati, Behold... the Arctopus, Rapeman
Website : Myspace

Grails - Take Refuge in Clean Living

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Label/Date: Important Records, 2008
Genre: experimental, psychedelic
From: Portland, Oregon
LIYL: Priestbird, Ghost, Bardo Pond, Faust, Ash Ra Tempel
Website : Myspace

Bongripper - Hate Ashbury

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Label/Date: self released, 2008
Genre: psychedelic doom, drone
From: Chicago
LIYL: SunnO)), Suma, Electric Wizard, Capricorns, Boris, Overmars, Warhorse, Ufomammut, Disembowelment
Website : Myspace

Trinacria - Travel Now Journey Infinitely

Download: sharebee
Label/Date: Indie Recordings, 2008
Genre: black noise metal, experimental, post-metal
From: Norway
LIYL: Enslaved, Fe-mail, Wold, Cobalt, Rosetta, Year of No Light, Nachtmystium, Red Harvest
Website : Myspace

Secret Chiefs 3 - Xaphan The Book of Angels Vol. 9

"Spectacular arrangements of Masada compositions by mad alchemist Trey Spruance, mastermind of Secret Chiefs 3 and one of the most brilliant musicians around. Drawing upon an astonishing array of musical styles from Exotica and Surf to Ethiopian Funk and Gypsy Swing, Trey ’s colorful orchestral arrangements perfectly compliment the lyricism and dynamic rhythmic complexity of Zorn ’s evocative Book of Angels. Featuring some of the best musicians from the Bay Area, LA and Seattle scenes, this is one of the most compelling installments in the entire Masada series."
Download: megaupload
Label/Date: Mimicry Records, 2008
Genre: anything and everything
From: California
LIYL: Mr Bungle, Estradasphere, John Zorn, Magyar Posse
Website : Myspace

Reeks and the Wrecks - Knife Hits

"An old drum kit. Homemade amps. A dented old trombone. A bucket and a handful of firecrackers. The Reeks make a sound that is otherworldly. Dark and stumbling, folk-flecked basement blues. A mix of woozy slide guitar, swampy trombone, sparse and erratic percussion, tape hiss, amp buzz, shortwave interference and dark doomy brilliance." --tUMULt
Download: zshare
Label/Date: tUMULt, 2005
Genre: experimental rock/blues
From: Bellingham, Washington
LIYL: Old Time Relijun, Hazmat Modine, Captain Beefheart, Mr Bungle, Gran Cuervo, Tom Waits, Warhammer 48K
Website : Myspace