Saturday, October 31, 2009

Loan - Hontziria

This record is fucking heavy. Especially the track Niagara. Think SUMA with more stoner rock.
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Label/Date: Odio Sonoro / Lehendakari Lee Records, 2009
Genre: Stoner/Sludge/Doom Metal
From: Bilbao, Spain
Similar/Related: Suma, Electric Wizard, Sons of Otis, Gonga, Iota, El Paramo, Yob, Earth, Sleep, Sabbath
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Guizado - Punx

"Kaleidoscope of Babylon: Push the play button, and close your eyes: slides of urban landscapes will be projected in your mind in a kaleidoscope of signs and scents of the city, and hearing will unveil the musical nuances of each code, abstract or not, from the daily São Paulo life - the thermic chaos and poetry made out of concrete, a wall of graffiti in any corner, the smell of rain on the asphalt or espresso coffee pulled right away, the ice cold beer poured in short glass, the texture of pollution that tinge the blue horizon ... The music of Guizado has this cinematographic effect and his first album, "Punx," sounds completely drunk of the noisy aura of São Paulo. From a rhythmic gear full of electronic noise, the plant lays the timbres of the background for the sentences of a trumpet almost always disturbed that yells to be heard in the midst of the collective loneliness of the metropolis. The project is fronted by Gui Mendonça – trumpet player who accompanies or has already accompanied artists like Curumin, DonaZica, Lucas Santtana and newly formed Trio Esmeril. In Guizado, the musician searches (and thinks) his own stamp on a mixture of harmonic inks of his instrument with the textures found in experiments with several electronic paraphernalia. If, on one hand, many of the beats are made on analog synthesizers and gameboy, the recordings of “Punx” were all made on analog tape, and the clever combination of retro and futuristic atmospheres gives strength to the work. The trumpet also went through some filters and overdubs, creating climates more congested, harmonic collisions that leave no listener injured, but stunned. On the way the trumpet is played, the reference to Miles Davis can be heard – much more because of the spirit of transgression than by an alleged virtuosity, let it be said. But Guizado is not jazz. Nor is rock or hip-hop – it is, indeed, an original collage of all that and a little more. Although pushed by a pulse as almost robotic, electronic, the pace is always guided by the trance of African ancestry. Besides the creative engine of Gui Mendonça, the Guizado has other key pieces. Curumin is the drummer on most tracks; in four of them, who beats the skins is tireless Mauricio Takara (Hurtmold, Esmeril Trio, etc...); still on the rhythm section, special feature of percussionist Mauricio Alves (Mestre Ambrósio) in two songs; Régis Damasceno and Ryan Batista, guitarist and bassist of the band Cidadão Instigado, complete the machinery. With this ensemble, the band fills the gaps in the combination of horns with digital beats and gives us an intriguing sculpture made of scrap sound. It is the soundtrack that was missing in order to decipher, once and for all, the soul of Babel / Babylon." Ramiro Zwetsch September / 2007

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Label/Date: Diginois/Urban Jungle 2008
Genre: Experimental Eletronica/Jazz/Rock/Psychedelic/Avant-garde
From: São Paulo, Brazil
Similar/Related: Tortoise, Zu, Jaga Jazzist, Teeth of the Sea, Mr Bungle, Silencio, 65daysofstatic, Patife Band, Battles, Tuna Laguna, Faust, Morkobot, Free The Robots, Aphex Twin
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Lullabye Arkestra - Threats/Worship

Just because I saw OM live recently how bout a two-man-band-stravaganza? All three bands, TV Buddhas, Orphan, and Lullabye Arkestra, have 2 members, a guy and a girl. And all three fucking rock.

"Lullabye Arkestra was formed in the summer of 2001 by Justin Small (drums) and Katia Taylor (bass) and are currently based in Toronto. Justin is also member of Do Make Say Think.

The Ark began by writing minimal, stripped down and raunchy rock songs using their signature fuzzed out bass sound and banshee vocals. They combined elements of hardcore punk with 60’s-era soul creating an unusual yet raw and energetic sound."

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Label/Date: Vice, 2009
Genre: noise-rock, stoner, garage, bass/drums duo
From: Toronto
Similar/Related: Jucifer, Big Business, Tweak Bird, Death From Above, Sonic Youth, Hotel Wrecking City Traders, DMST
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Orphan - Aborted By Birth

"Armed with drums and (ultra distorted) bass only, this heavy, hellbound girl-boy two-piece from Brooklyn crashes and bashes though ten trashed tracks of roughhewn rumble, making quite a crazed art-metal-noise racket. The drummer (girl, Speck Brown) pounds the skins with brutal abandon. Meanwhile the bassist (boy, Brendan Majewski) sings, in the most vicious nasty shriek he can muster, which is indeed brutal too, all the while ripping out the distorted riffage - which can get kinda catchy, on such negative creep cuts as "Love Is For The Birds". Elsewhere they lay waste to such troubling topics as "Penis Farm", "Swan Blood", and "Jane Fonda".
Titling their album Aborted By Birth may be intended to draw comparisons to death metallers Cannibal Corpse, if only to stress their metallic bona fides, since otherwise they probably get a lot of Lightning Bolt references, due to the bass-drums duo setup. Naturally, godheadSilo, Jucifer, and Israel's Barbara would be other good comparisons.
By the way, if you go on YouTube and look 'em up, you'll find some pretty cool, arty homemade videos for each of this album's songs!
Released on evil white vinyl only, limited to 666 numbered copies." - aquarius records

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Label/Date: From the Nursery, 2009
Genre: Nasty, raw sludgy rock/metal amalgam, bass/drums duo
From: Brooklyn
Similar/Related: Lullabye Orchestra, Black Cobra, Tweak Bird, Subrig Destroyer, Zoroaster, Tombs, Big Business, Melvins, Slayer, 5ive
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TV Buddhas - The Golden Period

"In the world of two-people bands nothing much counts but the energy and drive they put behind their music. This is what set e.g. Lightning Bolt, United Movement and (early) White Stripes apart from the mediocre rest of two-people bands (and especially that breed that plays instrumental noise rock and usually gets as boring as the third rerun of The Golden Girls, but I am disgressing.) If a two piece band has drive and energy, it can be great. And, in fact, this is what makes “the golden period” by the TV Buddhas such a great record. A driving, energetic piece of sometimes overconstructed noise rock with equal parts songwriting and chaos in the mix to make it outstanding. Yeah, that and the band hailing from Tel Aviv, Isreal." - cracked

Download: mediafire Thanks Fuzzbox!
Label/Date: Trost, 2009
Genre: garage, psych, blues, noise-rock. guitar/drums duo
From: Tel Aviv, Israel
Similar/Related: White Stripes, Lullabye Orchestra, Lightning Bolt, Witch, Monotonix, Black Angels, Dan Melchior's Broke Revue, Comets on Fire, Neil Young, Tee Pee Records
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