Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wipers - Over The Edge

Zeno Records, 1983

One of my favorite punk cds, made the year I was born. The box set with their first 3 albums remastered sells for real cheap. Just felt like posting some older albums for once and some personal favorites (the New Model Army album below too)

LIYL: Wire, Husker Du, Flipper, Death, Nirvana
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Also Dimitri has posted two more mixtapes. Everyone should get his Dungeons in Space mix because it's perhaps his best mix yet and the one that will appeal the most to fans of my blog. Some mind-blowing stuff people!

New Model Army - Thunder and Consolation

EMI, 1989

"New Model Army is a modern punk band, more melodic than many of their classic counterparts, and are widely respected for their masterful songwriting and their unwavering political stance.

The band was named after the English revolutionary army of Oliver Cromwell. Led by guitarist / vocalist, Justin Sullivan (who performed under the name Slade The Leveller in the early 1980s) it was formed in 1980 together with drummer Robert Heaton and bassist Stuart Morrow in their hometown of Bradford, England. The group quickly grew an extremely loyal cult following, sometimes referred to as “the Family” by members." -

"Thunder and Consolation was released in 1989 and is the fourth studio album of British rock band New Model Army. The album stands as a landmark in the New Model Army-catalogue, being their most successful album to date and reaching #20 in the UK albums chart. It also saw the band gaining new musical grounds as they adopted a more folky sound with the assistance of violinist Ed Alleyne-Johnson." -wiki
LIYL: Levellers, Wipers, The Cult, The Chameleons, The Phantom Band, Gang of Four
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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ISIS call it quits!

"ISIS has reached an end. It's hard to try to say it in any delicate way, and it is a truth that is best spoken plainly. This end isn't something that occurred over night and it hasn't been brought about by a single cataclysmic fracture in the band. Simply put, ISIS has done everything we wanted to do, said everything we wanted to say. In the interest of preserving the love we have of this band, for each other, for the music made and for all the people who have continually supported us, it is time to bring it to a close. We've seen too many bands push past the point of a dignified death and we all promised one another early on in the life of the band that we would do our best to ensure ISIS would never fall victim to that syndrome..." more

Christ, that's 3 post in a row with bands coming to an end. First finding out Orn's long dead, then that Faust released their last record and now Isis are throwing in the towel!. Like Faust, ISIS is one of my favorite bands ever, so this is terrible news. But it is better to go out on top (how I wish the Simpsons stopped after season 10) and as they said let the band die a dignified death. I'm glad I got to see them live 3 times already. And I hope to make it up to Montreal for their last show.

In other talk: as you can see I've posted a lot lately. Will be without internet for a week or two soon so wanted to post a bunch before I went offline (posted more than I thought I would). So this'll probably be the last post for a couple weeks but you have a lot to check out. I posted so many (23 in a few days) that a lot are pushed to the second page so your scrolling finger should get a workout. Happy listening. I'm gonna go roll a fattie and listen to some ISIS. Peace!

Faust - Faust Is Last

Klangbad Records, 2010

According to the band, this will be their final release. Sad news, but what a way to go out! This album kills! If you dig experimental music at all this will fry your brain. I sure hope they continue touring and come back to Toronto again. Saw them last year and it was disappointing. Not cuz of the band, but the venue. Just as the band was getting noisier and more intense the equipment shorted out (No doubt because the sound system couldn't handle Faust's all-consuming noise). It happened twice and while the techs were trying to fix it the first time we were treated to some great acoustic Faust (like the Sad Skinhead). then they fixed it again and started with Rainy Day Sunshine Girl and just as it was building to a profound wall of sound the sound cut out again and Faust called it quits and I wanted to cry. Please come back Faust!

"If faust announce a last record after 40 years then it might be a good idea to open up the ears, especially when the cover art is one big reference to their first record. The x-rayed "fist" appears again, this time with the fingers slightly more opened. 40 years lie between the two records. 40 years of many different line ups, record companies, financial disasters, artistic failures and successes. Whatever can happen to a band has happened to Faust. In that sense they are not an unusual group of musicians. What is unusual is that each project, each record, each concert over the last 40 years has been different. On the very first record they made clear (on clear vinyl) that they were in it for destruction. "All you need is love" and "Satisfaction" symbolically were set fire to. That same fire you will hear on this new & last Faust record. The circle will be closed by more circular music. A music that seems to come out of nowhere, sonic descriptions rather than songs. Timeless and not rooted in specific places and/or traditions. Maybe influenced by Cage's idea of chance, Dada, cut-ups, Sun Ra's free jazz organ playing and the second attempt after the German-American Monks to represent "a rock group as total artwork". faust in 1970 and in 2010 sound aggressive and 100 percent oriented towards the future. There is not a glimpse of nostalgia in "Faust is last". Turn up the volume and listen to this first, new and last Faust record very loud!" - Klangbad Records
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Orn - Teeth/Knowing

Elevation, 2009

Great Toronto sludge/drone/noise band that came and went with little notice. I saw them open for Boris before they even had any releases. A fantastic set. Like Ocean but with more ear-bleeding noise. Been meaning to post this EP for a while now but kept forgeting. Now that I check their myspace for this post I see they sadly broke up last year. Good news is they posted their unreleased full-length to download (sendspace link works). Listening to it now, it's slower and even noisier than the ep. Reminds me of Japan's Up-Tight.

"Orn are a new three piece doom metal band from Toronto, one drummer, two guitarists and a wall of amplifiers. Orn's doom is heaving and raw, the drone is delivered in snarling unapologetic straight shots. The intensity is built up and torn down with minimal structures with guttural screams, sustaining guitars and punishing insistent rhythms that force their way into your mind. With extended listen the music becomes impossibly heavy and hypnotic hitting you with wave after wave of hard charging, supremely gratifying, destroyed noise. Welcome the arrival of a new player in the noise world: Orn." - Elevation

LIYL: Ocean, Graves At Sea, Corrupted, Up-Tight, Buried at Sea, Boris, Merzbow
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bison BC - Dark Ages

MetalBlade, 2009

I heard they had this cd at walmart for about 7 bucks* but when I went they didn't have any so I just bought a bunch of frozen pizzas instead. They were on sale! So if you find yourself in that horrible place, pick this up if you see it. It's cheap and it rocks! (*this is probably just in Canadian walmarts cuz BBC is from Vancouver)
LIYL: High on Fire, Baroness, Saviours, Mastodon, Motorhead, Kylesa
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Ludicra - The Tenant

Profound Lore, 2010

"Fourth album, and first in four years, from the mighty Ludicra! 'The Tenant' sees the band walking the fine line between their punkish black metal origins and a more progressive attitude that incorporates all kinds of outside influences. No surprise that every aspect of this album is top-notch, considering the members are also known from Hammers Of Misfortune, The Lord Weird Slough Feg, Exhumed, Ghoul, Impaled, Agalloch and others..."
LIYL: Enslaved, Lifelover, Nachtmystium, Krallice, Saros, Negura Bunget, Agalloch
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Howl - Full of Hell

Relapse, 2010

"Providence, RI quartet Howl mix crusty, hoarse bellows with triumphant/catchy riffs, a sludgy doom atmosphere, knotty structures, a punk spirit, and a somewhat bleak outlook on things (or, as the press release puts it: “Howl are open about how they draw inspiration from mother nature’s decline”). So, basically, no-bullshit heaviness. Or, as they put it at their MySpace: “Bong-rippin’ Labyrinth metal.” The recent tour with Skeletonwitch makes perfect sense. So would one with an early Mastodon. And, hey, so do those upcoming shows with Eyehategod." - stereogum

LIYL: Bison BC, Unearthly Trance, High On Fire, Triptykon, The Gates of Slumber, Lair of the Minotaur, Acid Witch
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Woodsman - Collages

Mexican Summer, 2009

Perfectly flowing, weed-smoking, chillout music. Simplistic, psychedelic jams with shimmering post-rock beauty and repetitive, heavy krautrock build-ups. An album that gets better and better as it goes along until the end comes and, in a deep trance, you want it to keep on going. Utterly fantastic album! and they have another EP coming out June 1st.

"From the green forests of Denver comes the debut album from Woodsman, an instrumental quartet with roots in nature, post-rock of the mid-‘90s Tortoise/Cerberus Shoal/A Minor Forest variety, and a sense of epic grandeur that ties the whole thing together. Killer from nose to nuts, with 19-minute monster 'Mothershift' taking top honors; it reminds us that one ton of feathers is just as crushing as one ton of lead, if properly positioned." -mexicansummer

LIYL: Human Bell, Neu!, Can, Ash Ra Tempel, The Alps, Moon Duo, Wooden Shjips, Voice of the Seven Thunders, Religious Knives
Website : Myspace : dl

Jessica Bailiff - Old Things

Morc Records, 2007

"Jessica Bailiff is an American singer-songwriter from Toledo, Ohio. Her music is largely classified as slowcore, although it contains elements of post-rock. It is essentially a droning, experimental style of slow-tempo music which coalesces textured, blurry and surreal sounds with immersed vocals."

"This record is a collection of rare and unreleased material, mostly recorded between the release of her second and third album. As such, it can be seen as the missing link between the rather droney second record, and the starker Jessica Bailiff record." - Morc records

LIYL: Low, Stellar Om Source, Grouper, Eluvium, Cranes, Windy & Carl, To Kill a Petty Bourgeoisie
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Voice Of The Seven Thunders

self-titled, Tchantinler, 2010

AKA Voice Of The Seven Woods. Guess he changed the name because this album is heavier and more distorted than his earlier acoustic/folk.
"If you don’t get excited by the idea of lacerating psych-rock where electric guitars sound like Egyptian and Turkish instruments take a leaf out of Naked Lunch and start devouring fuzz boxes, where drums pound at the clip of an Arabian stallion and the bass player plays enough notes to create something more akin to a rolling swell of low frequencies, then this might not be for you. In case I haven’t made it clear, it is most definitely for me." - David Morris (excerpt from here)
LIYL: Comets on Fire, Six Organs of Admittance, Sir Richard Bishop, The Goner, Ulaan Khol, Dungen, Hush Arbors, Sun Araw, Kevin Hufnagel, Grails
Website : Myspace : dl

The Goner - Behold A New Traveler

Deep Water Acres, 2010

"The Goner is most definitely a grower! The first listen to any of Daniel Westerlund's releases always has the same result: it's always pleasurable with immediate effect; it always leaves a sort of eerie quirkiness that has you wondering what in the hell is going on in Westerlund's mind; and it always reassures you that the next few times the record gets a spin it's only going to get better. "Behold a new traveler" continues this particular aspect of The Goner's listening experience as unconventional vocals meet atmospheric, eccentric musical passages that interweave to create a truly captivating and addictive sound. The album's strongest moments are found on "Within the hour", one of the more uplifting sections of the recording, albeit in an oblique sort of way, and closing track "En route" with its drone-meets-grunge progression toward some pseudo-insanity. The production on "Behold a new traveler" is somewhat repressed, yet it fits The Goner's style perfectly. Anything brighter would definitely be to the detriment of the music and it's this choice of sonic output that really elevates the album to such high regard. Musically, he's hard to pin down. Think Rusted Root meets Wardruna meets Michael Stipe-gone-Cajun and you're pretty close to what Westerlund manages to create in his music. And the best thing about this album? The fact that even though it already sounds amazing, I know it's only going to get better! A tall order indeed, but The Goner has hit the nail firmly on the head." - John Norby

LIYL: Voice Of The Seven Woods, O'Death, Grails, Fire On Fire, Pygmy Lush, Iron & Wine, Neil Young, Comus, Nick Drake, Bonnie Prince Billy
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Disappears - Lux

Kranky, 2010

"Drawing on a combined reverence for reverb, heavy tremolo, distortion, delay and repetition, Disappears play minimal rock music inspired by krautrock, punk rock, the mid 80's New Zealand scene, and a bit of everything in between. And in their minimalist approach the band finds their real strength, hammering home chord structures that are tried and true and can and do remain fresh in the hands of the right talents such as these."

LIYL: Sonic Youth, A Place To Bury Strangers, Obits, The Stooges, Comets On Fire, Wipers, Joy Division, Mondo Drag, Pontiak, Hot Snakes
Website : Myspace : dl

The Alps - Le Voyage

Type Records, 2010

"With propulsive, break heavy rhythms sure to appeal to any diggers out there and a blissful, sunny outlook to wipe the frown from the faces of all you dour experimental types, ‘Le Voyage’ is a crack of light in a dark room. A mysterious record, it is punctuated by the same energy that gave us space rock and psychedelia, and while the band are quick to demonstrate their wide-ranging musical knowledge, there is something incredibly unique about their sound. This is not a lazy soundtrack to a film which might never be made, rather ‘Le Voyage’ is a journey for the listener and one you will want to take over and over again." - Type Records

LIYL: Voice Of The Seven Thunders, Woodsman, Tarentel, Popol Vuh, Grails, Ghost, Ash Ra Tempel,
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Eternal Tapestry - The Invisible Landscape

Not Not Fun, 2010

"The pleasure of the guitar riff has been almost exclusively hogged by Doom rockers and stoners for the last few years. Eternal Tapestry are one of an increasing number of artists reclaiming it for more innervated and colourful purposes. From the opening wah-wah soaked "Cathedral Of Radiance" to the closing "Pyramid Visions", the soundscape is pushed out and pummelled forward by riff after riff from duel guitarists Nick Bindeman and Dewey Mahood, each buoyed on a rubble roll of drum from Jed Bindeman. The austere focus of OM et al is displaced by Motor City energy and space rock colour rooted in The Stooges, Hawkwind, heavy Kraut and latterday believers like Spacemen 3 and Loop." WIRE MAGAZINE

LIYL: Magic Lantern, Wildildlife, Earthless, Residual Echoes, Raccoo-oo-oon, White Hills, Acid Mothers Temple, Neu!, Wooden Shjips
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Residual Echoes - California

Holy Mountain, 2010

"After returning to their native state of California from a national tour, Residual Echoes went in to the studio immediately, for their most cohesive effort yet. California is comprised of four songs. "White Cloud" and "Julie Patchouli" could be called "pop songs," and they are rock and roll to the fullest, but they are ensconced in luscious, freak-out arrangements further enhanced by a select group of special guests. The second side of the LP is a suite dedicated to the state of California complete with references ranging from the construction of the railroads, the natural beauty of the land and the mating rituals of elephant seals. It ends with a distorted take on Los Angeles via UK-colored glasses with the title track which erupts into epic, pulsing, skronk-raunch riffs that cease to abate for the duration of the song's 10-minute length (all the while making references to summer, SST records, earthquakes and helicopters flying through the streets of Hollywood seeking out pillaging Slayer fans. Really. It's all there)"- holy mountain

LIYL: Assembled Head In Sunburst Sound, Eternal Tapestry, White Hills, Comets on Fire, Six Organs of Admittance, Magic Lantern, Black Mountain, Acid Mothers Temple, La Otracina
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Espers - III

Drag City, 2010

Psychedelic proggy folk. Reminds me at times of Opeth's Damnation (the tracks with male vocals mostly). though most of the disc is Fairport Convention/Pentagle style folk with female vocals.

LIYL: Opeth's Damnation, Fairport Convention, Pentangle, Joanna Newsom, Six Organs of Admittance, Josephine Foster
Website : Myspace : dl

Predator Vision - Predator Vision II

Abandon Ship Records, 2008

"Influenced by watching the movie Predator while listening to soft rock records of Fleetwood Mac, Paul Simon, and Todd Rundgren. This documents an acid- drenched jam recorded in the basement of Skylight Horizon Studio in Northampton, MA. Featuring Matt Mondanile and Ben Daly on guitars and Etienne Duguay on drums. Mixture of Neil Young amped guitar lines with krauty Guru Guru progressive feel. Definite on the beach zoner Yahowa 13 style." -
LIYL: Wildildlife, Religious Knives, Sun Araw, Magic Lantern, Residual Echoes, Raccoo-oo-oon, Ducktails
Website : Myspace : dl

Riff Cannon - Mercury Mountain

self-released, 2009

Pretty good fuzzy sludgy psych-metal here, though the highlight of the disc for me is the epic, slow-burning, western-sounding "Roads To Pompeii". A band to watch out for.

"Riff Cannon are a 4 piece stoner/sludge/fuzz/space/doom/heavy rock band from Boston whose influences include Sabbath, Torche, Led Zeppelin, Boris, Melvins, Goatsnake, Pentagram, Electric Wizard, etc. They have so far released only their debut album, “Mercury Mountain,” in Sept of 2009" - lastfm

LIYL: Clouds, Naam, Ancestors, Mondo Drag, Gonga, Bloodhorse, Dead Meadow, La Ira De Dios, Witch, Comets on Fire, U.S. Christmas
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Golden Triangle - Double Jointer

HardlyArt, 2010

Garage rock. Sounds like the Vivian Girls only noisier and more psychedelic. At their best when they reach A Place to Bury Strangers levels of noise like the last track.
LIYL: Vivian Girls, The Fresh & Onlys, Thee Oh Sees, Coachwhips, King Khan, A Place to Bury Strangers, Pocahaunted, The Pack AD
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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Gizelle Smith And The Mighty Mocambos - This Is..

Mocambo, 2009

Fantastic funk/soul album. Discovered her from Dimitri's Funk Mix. She has a great voice but I'd say it's the band that makes this cd great. Choice tracks are Hold Fast and Snake Charmer. I also included her single June in the download.
LIYL: Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, Aretha Franklin, The Supremes, Betty Davis, The Herbaliser, El Michels Affair, Ann Sexton, Macy Gray
Website : Myspace : dl

The Penny Black Remedy - No One’s Fault But Your Own

Soundinistas, 2009

Great gypsy-folk-punk-rock. I love the track "The First Time I Saw Angels"

"Like The Pogues at the height of their powers, 'No Ones Fault But Your Own' is full of thoughtful prose combined with foot stomping tunes that would certainly provide the soundtrack to one hell of a hooley. It’s timeless and yet paradoxically very much of its age. So if you’re bored with unoriginal electro pap, or sick of being brainwashed into believing that music from a decade of greed, personal acquisition and selfishness (the 80’s) is somehow relevant as we look set to endure the worst recession since the 1930’s, then this musical collective who have a heart and a soul may well have the remedy to cure your ills." - Von Pip Musical Express

LIYL: The Pogues, The Tom Fun Orchestra, Gogol Bordello, The Decemberists, DeVotchKa, Elliot Brood, Tom Waits
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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mayyors - Deads

Hurling Man, 2009

This will be the most painful 9 minutes of your ear's day.
"Snotty, snarly, fuzzy, punky, noisy, catchy, druggy, crumbling ultra distorted guitars, wild pounding drums, yowled effected vox, tons of feedback, FX all over the place and THICK corrosive buzzing bass that drives EVERYTHING. Imagine maybe a poppier, less fucked up more new wave Rusted Shut, that same sort of chaotic noise rock, that while druggy, manages to be a bit tighter and a whole lot less on the verge of total collapse, while remaining awesomely chaotic. The final track might be our favorite, the same sort of revved up Brainbombs style dirge, supercharged, and eventually growing more and more and more distorted and in-the-red, culminating in what might just be the raddest post-Buttholes drug rock noise guitar freakout EVER." - Aquarius Records
LIYL: Todd, Rusted Shut, Part Chimp, Harry Pussy, AIDS Wolf, Pissed Jeans
Website : Myspace : dl

Fistula - We, The Beast

Choking Hazard Records, 2009

Raw, nasty stoner sludge from dudes who clearly don't give a fuck. This is ugly music for ugly people.
LIYL: Buzzov*en, Weedeater, 16, Eyehategod, Ramesses, Harvey Milk, Unearthly Trance
Website : Myspace : dl

Vektor - Black Future

Heavy Artillery Records, 2009

Excellent blackened progressive thrash. Epic songs and an endless supply of great riffs. Though it's relentless nature can get tiresome over it's almost 70min length.
LIYL: Exodus, Immortal, Voivod, Arsis, Coroner, Razor, Obliveon, Anacrusis
Website : Myspace : dl

Husky - The Sea King

Self Release, 2008

Instrumental, Psychedelic Stoner Jams
"For their sophomore album, Charlotte, North Carolina's Husky has come up with a bit of a challenge. See, The Sea King is a concept album (based on “The Sea King” - the largest vessel ever built in Bowdoinham, ME, circa 1877), and Husky is an instrumental band. Even Peter and the Wolf had some narration, and that was more of straightforward yarn.

Those willing to invest the time can probably tie the individual tracks together into a cohesive narrative about a big fucking boat that one day sank in New York harbor, but for me, I'm just going to approach The Sea King as an album of songs and nothing more. Compared to their debut, the more landlubber named Circle the Wagons, Husky's certainly expanded their sound. While The Sea King still offers up plenty of dusty, Southern rock jams, there are also traces of straight forward rock (“Flagship”) and electronic fuzz n drone pyschedelia (“Mayans vs Martians,” “Rejoice”). Still, it's the semi-languid, sprawling tracks like “Aboard the Relic,” “Trading on the High Seas,” and “Leeward and Easy” that make The Sea King an impressive follow-up. The band seems most comfortable settling into a steady groove and letting the instruments express themselves. There's not a lot of fancy playing, but there's plenty of deep playing.

As with Circle the Wagons, The Sea King seems like one of those albums that's perfect for late night drives on long stretches of highway. It's good music to get lost to, and a fine collection of songs." (
LIYL: Farflung, Kyuss, 35007, Monkey3, My Sleeping Karma, Ahkmed
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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tame Impala - Innerspeaker

Modular, 2010

Like Dungen only now with lyrics in english! Great psych-pop-rock from Australia. Their guitarist/singer calls it "a steady flowing psychedelic groove rock band that emphasizes dream-like melody."
LIYL: Dungen, The Beatles, The Pillbugs, Cream, Assembled Head In Sunburst Sound, The Doors, 13th FLoor Elevators, Beach Boys, Espers, Todd Rundgren
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Thursday, May 6, 2010

Necro Deathmort - This Beat Is Necrotronic

Distraction Records, 2009

Strange cd that veers from dark electronica/techno/glitch to doom to ambient/drone music. The track "I Fought The Law..." sounds like a song I've heard before, but I can't for the life of me remember what. Any ideas?

"Necro Deathmort (Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson) raise their ignoble heads on their first proper release 'This Beat Is Necrotronic' on Distraction Records. Running the full gambit from jittering, skuttering brutal electronics, Earth-style drones (back when they had balls), creamy hiss, turntablist noise pedal effect antics, crushing guitars, elegant ballroom atmopherics, to full-on balls-out full decaying post-apocalyptic doom, this combines analogue and digital noise to devastating effect. The aural equivalent of Satan’s own crystallized jizzum.

This release had started off as a web-only outing, before us lot started in and said, fuck that, do you want to release it proper? And thank christ we did - we're dead proud of this one, especially seeing the end product. Easily the most accomplished 'noise' release on Distraction yet, this comes in fantastic three-panel double sided packaging by the dudes at Thumbprint Press and utterly superb artwork by Dominic Hailstone (Mogwai 'Batcat' and Isis 'Holy Tears' videos; Aphex Twin 'Come To Daddy' creature effects). Limited to 500 copies only, so don't sleep on this."

LIYL: Ulver, Have A Nice Life, Nadja, Earth, Aphex Twin, Dälek, Boards of Canada, Ben Frost, Techno Animal, Sunn O)))
Website : Myspace : dl

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Mugstar - ...Sun, Broken...

Important Records, 2010

Fuck yes! the most intense band in spacerock!
"It was inevitable really. After a handful of 7"s, and a single mostly overlooked and way under appreciated full length that we raved about way back when, these guys are finally getting their due. This new full length on Important should finally position these guys at the head of the class, in the pantheon of modern spacerockers. White Hills, The Heads, Burnt Hills, Gnod, 3 Leafs, Bardo Pond, Gunslingers, Eternal Tapestry, Heavy Winged, Sleepy Sun, Plastic Crimewave, Titan, we love em all, but they're all gonna have to step up their games, cuz Mugstar has definitely thrown down the drug rock heart of the sun gauntlet. Sun, Broken is a colossal slab of speaker shredding, in-the-red, druggy, psychedelic, hypnotic Hawkwind channeling space rock bliss. Heavy, lush, dense, mesmerizing, sprawling and expansive, epic and majestic, incredible drumming, tangled guitars, warm whirring organs, complex mathy almost proggy arrangements, songs that lock into looped stretches of near static throb and pulse, before splintering into convoluted freakouts only to explode moments later into black hole supernova psychspace blowouts.
"Technical Knowledge As A Weapon" pretty much sets the stage, a swirling cloud of effects gives way to a tribal chunk of primal hypnorock pound, which lurches into a killer stop start Hammond organ stutter, before launching right back into the fray, the track growing ever more urgent and explosive, peppered with organ breaks, the whole thing dense and repetitive, and so so epic. "Ouroboros" starts out all tangled and mathy, a churning hypnotic almost looped sounding sprawl of metallic prog, which slowly transforms into a sort of muted pulsing minimal space rock, swirling effects surround a static guitar melody, and dense drum flurries, and tripped out vox, before the inevitable psych-skree outro, all tangled and jagged fucking FIERCE.
"Labrador Hatchet" is the record's first breather, a two and a half minute space-y trip out, all thum and throb, through a billowing cloud of heavily effected scrapes and clicks and glitches, which gives way to "Today Is The Wrong Shape", a dead ringer for Finnish hypnorockers Circle at their leanest and meanest, the main riff and the pounding krautrock rhythm, like a super charged way revved up Circle, with a cool, angular proggy breakdown, before yet another crushing bout of extreme spaced out damaged FX heaviness.
Another brief bit of swirly psychedelic effects weirdness leads into the nearly 14 minute closer, "Furklausundbo", which begins with warm melodic swells, before the bassline slips in, then the simple stripped down rhythm, and from there it's a totally mesmerizing slow build, locked and looped, riff and rhythm in perfect sync, while all around, streaks of sound swirl and swoop, unlike the other tracks, there's no explosive climax, no freaked out space rock free for all, instead the songs twists and transforms, slipping into a doomy plod at one point, getting downright twangy at another, the main groove getting doused in clouds of reverbed high end guitar at another, but all the while, the pulse, the beat, stays solid, and unfailing, total mind trancelike hypnotic dronerock mesmer, that eventually dissipates in a blurred smear of layered organ and washed out drones.
Easily the space rock, kraut drone, buzz drug, psych swirl jam of the year!" - Aquarius Records
LIYL: Cave, Turing Machine, Neu!, Hawkwind, Lightning Bolt, Sonic Youth, Kinski, Monkey3, Boredoms, Noxagt, Circle
Website : Myspace : dl