Sunday, May 30, 2010

Wipers - Over The Edge

Zeno Records, 1983

One of my favorite punk cds, made the year I was born. The box set with their first 3 albums remastered sells for real cheap. Just felt like posting some older albums for once and some personal favorites (the New Model Army album below too)

LIYL: Wire, Husker Du, Flipper, Death, Nirvana
Website : Wiki : dl

Also Dimitri has posted two more mixtapes. Everyone should get his Dungeons in Space mix because it's perhaps his best mix yet and the one that will appeal the most to fans of my blog. Some mind-blowing stuff people!


Richard said...

Thanks for dimitri's link! amazing stuff!

H; said...

Dang, you´re old.
You should post Youth Of America too.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the head ups! that dimitri stuff is quite exciting!