Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mares of Thrace - The Moulting

Arctodus Records, 2010

Saw these ladies live last night and they kicked ass. Check em out if they're playing near. Buy some merch. They need the gas money.
The rest of the Canadian Tour Dates
11 Aug Windsor, ON
12 Aug Hamilton, ON
13 Aug Montréal, Qc
14 Aug Toronto, ON
15 Aug Burlington, ON
18 Aug Regina, SK
19 Aug Edmonton, AB
20 Aug Kamloops, BC
21 Aug Vancouver, BC
22 Aug Victoria, BC
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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Not accepting submissions

'Sup folks. Something I gotta address here.

This blog is just me posting what I'm listening to the most. And only when I feel like it. I can barely be bothered posting at all. I certainly can't be bothered making a post if I don't love the band/album. I can't just post every band out there. I like the idea of supporting unknown bands just starting out, but I'm not the guy for that*. I don't have the time or energy to get into such a task.

(*I do hope I help the bands I have posted with exposure to new fans, though I realize this kind of site/sharing isn't the kind of exposure some bands want. And I'm not sure I'm helping at all really. I post albums because the music is amazing and people need to hear it.)

I opened the floodgates last year when I posted an email address for this blog. I pretty much only posted it so bands could contact me when they wanted a link/post removed. I started getting some bands sending me stuff to post/review. I had the time to listen to some, and some of it was good, some great. Most of it not so great though. And the emails kept piling up. Now my inbox, which I hardly ever log into, is full of these emails. More than I can possibly listen to. Most I can tell are from people who don't follow the blog and have no idea what my tastes are. Most seem like they were spammed to every blog out there.

If you do actually visit often and you think I will love your band then by all means send me something and I'll try to listen. Look at the caliber of bands that I post and if your band doesn't measure up, don't bother. Only send me something if you want me to hear something. Don't send me anything expecting to get it posted. Honestly, I'd prefer if nobody emailed me at all.

Also most of these emails ask if I want to review the album. I don't write. I'm a terrible writer (obviously). I've never written more than a paragraph on an album here and most of what I write is derivative of "this is awesome".

Sorry for all the emails I never responded to. I'm lazy. And I'm a dick. I'll start trying to respond to emails more often.

Go see RibsOut. Dudes real cool and puts a lot of effort into posting albums that bands send him. Good luck to all the bands.

Here are some of the albums I've received that are really good. Check em out!

Sigmoid Argonaut - EP

Hannah & The Bloodlines - Far From the Tree

Deadhorse - We Can Create Our Own World

Locomotora - Locomotora (2009)

Daleth - Lady of the Lake

Hannibal Montana

cssc A.M.

The Great Curve -An Overwhelming Vastness

Anyways I'll resume regular posting soon including some great lesser-known bands from Montreal. And check out the brilliant track to the right by Sabbath Assembly. Song of the year!