Thursday, September 29, 2011

Roots Bloody Roots!

Time to get back to the roots of this blog: post-rock & post-metal

Meniscus - War of Currents (2011)
Website : Myspace : dl

Kokomo - If Wolves (2011)
Website : bandcamp : dl

Sweet Mother Logic - Sweet Mother Logic (2009)
Website : bandcamp : dl

Lion's Paw - Demo (2011)
Website : Myspace : dl

Monday, September 19, 2011

More Mixes Motherfuckers!

I'm losing my fucking mind. The only positive results of this is a well organized music collection and many more mixes!

I'm sure nobody listens to these but I don't give a shit. I make them for myself and I listen to them hundreds of times. I put a lot of effort into compiling them, and little effort into posting them.

I've updated two previous mixes with 160 more minutes of fantastic music. Firstly, I've got Disc 5 of my Epic Pop Mix with a lot of 2011 tracks on it.

And even though Summer has died a quick death, I've got a Bonus Disc for my Summer Psych Mix which has alternate tracks from artists that were on the first 2 discs.

Finally, I've made another Hip Hop Mix. Part II is a laid back and jazzy affair. I've got a few more parts to my hip hop mix already made up but I'll hold off to let people digest these. Enjoy!

Epic Pop Mix Disc 5
Summer Psych Mix Bonus Disc
Soundweave Hip Hop Mix Part II