Monday, September 27, 2010

Black Sleep Of Kali - Our Slow Decay

Small Stone Records, 2010

"One of Small Stone Recordings’ newest signings, Denver’s BLACK SLEEP OF KALI is a gnashy-fanged, two-headed beast, and they bring a decidedly more malefic edge to the label’s usual roster of retro-stoner suspects. The band’s first full-length, Our Slow Decay, constantly balances a tightrope between pronounced shades of Times Of Grace-era post-apocalypso, and modern-era thrash gallop on a par with Baroness, Bison, or High on Fire. As well, occasionally, the kind of vocal harmony work pops up that wouldn’t be out of place on an early ‘90s Dischord album – and holding the whole thing down, one hell of a masterful drummer in the drunken-fisted Gordon Koch. The band’s equally at home tossing around monolithic lightning bolts of slab-dirge as they are trotting through bone-jarring warhorse crunch, and Our Slow Decay is tempered with each equally." - Kyle Harcott,

LIYL: Baroness, Black Tusk, Bison BC, Bloodhorse and Bylesa, uh, I mean Kylesa
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Dead Fawn - Session III

Dead Fawn Records, 2010

Dead Fawn is three dudes on bass, drums and a really badass organ. They make slow haunting ambient music that is improvised and recorded live. They sound like Bohren soundtracking an old horror movie. And they may be even slower than Bohren. They also sound very organic. The albums many nuances are only apparent after multiple listens. Perfect bedtime record for me. Put it on repeat so you wake up to it too. And you'll want to buy this one folks. The artwork is fantastic (my photo doesn't do it justice). Limited edition CD comes with a record sized piece of plywood with screenprinted artwork. It'll fit right in your record collection but it's something you'll want to put on our wall.

LIYL: Bohren und Der Club of Gore, The Mount Fuji Doomjazz Corporation, Dale Cooper Quartet, Swami Lateplate, Nadja
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Bridges To Dream - Fall

Dead Fawn Records, 2010

Fantastic post-rock. 2 guitarists, a drummer and a shit-load of pedals. They share 2 members of Dead Fawn. Similar to the spacey atmospheric music of bands like VVB, Caspian and Gifts From Enola, except without the more metal-like riffs. Instead going for a slower, layered atmosphere. A trance inducing album that flows as one big track. Turn this one up loud.

LIYL: Vanessa Van Basten, L'Homme Puma, Paik, Caspian, Gifts From Enola, Pg. Lost, Long Distance Calling, Irepress
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Important, 2010

Excellent ambient metal record. `Blackhole' makes me think of the Predator soundtrack. or maybe it's Commando. Either way I picture Arnold running shirtless through the woods with a big gun. and that's never a bad thing right? or do I need help?

LIYL: Nadja, thisquietarmy, The Angelic Process, Fear Falls Burning, Jesu/Final, Whisper Room, Goslings, Skullflower
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Le Kraken - Exhalt

D7i records, 2009

Hardcore & sludge with post-rock influences. Layers of guitar hammering away at riffs creating a loud steadfast roar that builds in instensity. They rely on density and repetition over technicallity. They remind me of Rosetta without the slower ambient parts. Like if Rosetta just played hardcore. Or like a less caustic Celeste. Some other review said a combo of Neurosis and Fucked Up.

LIYL: Rosetta, Celeste, Rinoa, Balboa, Envy, Cult of luna, Neurosis, Fucked Up
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