Monday, September 27, 2010

Black Sleep Of Kali - Our Slow Decay

Small Stone Records, 2010

"One of Small Stone Recordings’ newest signings, Denver’s BLACK SLEEP OF KALI is a gnashy-fanged, two-headed beast, and they bring a decidedly more malefic edge to the label’s usual roster of retro-stoner suspects. The band’s first full-length, Our Slow Decay, constantly balances a tightrope between pronounced shades of Times Of Grace-era post-apocalypso, and modern-era thrash gallop on a par with Baroness, Bison, or High on Fire. As well, occasionally, the kind of vocal harmony work pops up that wouldn’t be out of place on an early ‘90s Dischord album – and holding the whole thing down, one hell of a masterful drummer in the drunken-fisted Gordon Koch. The band’s equally at home tossing around monolithic lightning bolts of slab-dirge as they are trotting through bone-jarring warhorse crunch, and Our Slow Decay is tempered with each equally." - Kyle Harcott,

LIYL: Baroness, Black Tusk, Bison BC, Bloodhorse and Bylesa, uh, I mean Kylesa
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i tried to listen to it, i wasn't offended, but it just seemed like mastodon leviathan worship. i guess i only got two songs in. i am really diggin' the christian mistress right now, it reminds me of a metal gits or la fraction. and i am now in love with warpaint. thank you for all the good stuff.