Sunday, June 26, 2011

the funkiest funk that ever funked..

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Sunday, June 19, 2011

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo - Ki Oku

Apollo, 1998

"Pairing DJ Krush, known throughout the beat underground for his subdued, trippy soundscapes, with Japanese avant trumpeter Toshinori Kondo may seem an odd pairing. This record, however, is instantly knowable and intuitively easy to grasp. DJ Krush is not only able to drive the direction and tempo, but he's also quite adept at creating mood--often mixing up somber, downtempo collages that glide with an underwater grace. His uptempo work is direct, solidly propelled by someone who knows how to handle bass and breaks. Thankfully, the canvasses Krush mixes up are large enough to include Kondo's color work. The trumpeter (who's worked with the likes of Herbie Hancock and John Zorn) takes full advantage of the opportunity. Kondo is a breathy, richly toned player, and his meshings add to the dreamy, psychedelic feel of the recording. He's effective whether he's drifting beside Krush's swirling dub coiled in a haze of effects or punctuating beats with pure blasts of horn fire. A hip-bop classic." --S. Duda

DJ Krush : Toshinori Kondo : dl

Thursday, June 16, 2011

SubRosa - No Help For The Mighty One

Profound Lore, 2011

One of my favorites this year.

"Subrosa comprises the deep thrum that makes up the underlying plasma of our invisible surroundings. The dark air of eerie violin, warped vocals, downtuned guitar and thunderous, sludgy bass grips its focus on the low end. The supernatural black-rock riffs are grossly stripped-down. Extreme straightforwardness is the name of the game in getting to the primitive center inside all of us that has the most power to overpower."

LIYL: Grayceon, Giant Squid, Minsk, Rose Kemp, Battle of Mice, Mouth of the Architect

Website : Myspace : dl or dl2

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Shroud Eater - ThunderNoise

self released, 2011

"Shroud Eater return with their full length début after the very promising start they made with their EP that they released in 2009. The Thundernoise album comes in a very thick cardboard digipak with a lyric-sheet put together by the band themselves and the artwork is in the same tradition set by the EP. Shroud Eater have a unique place in the sludge-metal scene as they sound not like any other band and maybe they are not sludge at all depending on your own tastes. Thundernoise has 11 songs, 3 of those are re-recorded versions of "We are Beasts," "Vesuvius" and "Cyclone" which also appeared on their début EP. The band still have a raw take on the sludge genre, sounding like a punkish version of High On Fire at times with the vocals of guitarist Jeannie Saiz mostly consisting of aggressive yelling. Shroud Eater unleash a fairly varied approach from straight-forward noise rock to more complex passages especially in one track titled "Oubliette" which is the album's centerpiece."

Altho I'd say the centerpiece is Descent from the Summit. Read the rest of the review on Doommantia

Website : bandcamp : dl

Thursday, June 9, 2011

You Handsome Devil - The Hell, You Say

self-released, 2011

Badass rock/metal trio from Toronto. LIYL: things that fucking rock!

"Band biographies are pointless piles of self-indulgent garbage.

No...seriously. They’re fucking useless.

I mean, does anybody really care about how old you were when you started playing guitar?

Does it really make a difference how many unsigned, unknown, and completely unimportant rock bands you played in when you were in high school?

Will it enhance my musical experience if I am told about the girl you dated in your late teens who cheated on you with her design prof. and subsequently dumped your lazy, pot-smoking, guitar picking, biography writing ass?

The answer is simple.

The answer is no.

Therefore, the members of the Satanic Rock & Roll combo known as YOU HANDSOME DEVIL have chosen to say absolutely nothing about their extraordinarily spectacular band and how great it is.

No way. Not these guys.

You couldn’t possibly get them to yammer on endlessly about their stellar live performances.

And they won’t waste your time describing the inner facets of their patented brand of rock & roll.

They won’t even make mention of their winning personalities, or of their dashing good looks.

They simply don’t need to sell you on anything.

If you like it, turn it up.

If you hate it, go to Hell.

Either way you’ll be listening to


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DeStatt - Machinry

Cool Green Recordings, 2011

"De Statt, it has to be said, are quite, quite brilliant. While it is a given that they will not appeal to the more metal-minded readers who visit SonicAbuse, for those who have a hankering for the days when Mike Patton would bounce between Loveage, Tomahawk and Pepping Tom, when Butthole Surfers provided the soundtrack to Beavis and Butthead and when Primus ground out twisted slabs of funky brilliance then this is for you. Comparisons to QOTSA, Nick Cave, Captain Beefheart and the like are fair and understandable, but there’s so much more going on here – as if Torre Florim’s twisted muse has infected the other members of this unique band and sent all five spinning off on some mad, Hunter S. Thompson journey into the mescaline-soaked desert. Inspiring, insane and ingenious, this is what pop music should sound like rather than the mass-produced, soulless, mindless crap ground out on X factor. ‘Machinery’ should be required listening for anyone with a pulse – it really is quite remarkable." - Sonic Abuse review

Website : Myspace : dl

Monday, June 6, 2011

Guadalupe Plata

self-released, 2011

"Creepy Hi-LO-Fi swampy espanafied punkass monster blues" from Ubeda, Spain. Sounds like Old Time Relijun to me. You can download both releases free from their bandcamp site. and you can see an awesome video by them here (trust me you'll want to check it out ;)

bandcamp : Myspace