Thursday, June 9, 2011

You Handsome Devil - The Hell, You Say

self-released, 2011

Badass rock/metal trio from Toronto. LIYL: things that fucking rock!

"Band biographies are pointless piles of self-indulgent garbage.

No...seriously. They’re fucking useless.

I mean, does anybody really care about how old you were when you started playing guitar?

Does it really make a difference how many unsigned, unknown, and completely unimportant rock bands you played in when you were in high school?

Will it enhance my musical experience if I am told about the girl you dated in your late teens who cheated on you with her design prof. and subsequently dumped your lazy, pot-smoking, guitar picking, biography writing ass?

The answer is simple.

The answer is no.

Therefore, the members of the Satanic Rock & Roll combo known as YOU HANDSOME DEVIL have chosen to say absolutely nothing about their extraordinarily spectacular band and how great it is.

No way. Not these guys.

You couldn’t possibly get them to yammer on endlessly about their stellar live performances.

And they won’t waste your time describing the inner facets of their patented brand of rock & roll.

They won’t even make mention of their winning personalities, or of their dashing good looks.

They simply don’t need to sell you on anything.

If you like it, turn it up.

If you hate it, go to Hell.

Either way you’ll be listening to


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Anonymous said...

YEAH! Say no more!

David said...

Great blog!

I can't download this one though? Is it still active? I get to the 'download' button and nothing happens. :(

David said...

Ignore me it worked eventually!

Keep up the great work.