Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Caspian - Tertia

Download this incredible album free from Sign-up is hassle free and the bands get paid for it! You can also download albums from other great bands like Gifts From Enola, You.May.Die.In.The.Desert, Beware of Safety, This Will Destroy You, Disappearer, The Wayward, etc. This website is a fantastic idea and I really hope it works. Here's what Caspian's label says:

"Just a quick update here to announce a new partnership we've forged with the good folks over at GIMME SOUND dot com. It's a site which allows you to download all of the Mylene Sheath releases that we've done the digital on for absolutely free if you are into digital downloads =) The cool part is that the artists will actually be getting paid even though you're downloading the songs/albums for free! The bands are paid royalties for each and every download by the ad revenue that the site generates. So this means that the age old debate over whether or not it's cool to download an artists material without supporting them by purchasing their material has found a much needed compromise. Hopefully this excites people as much as it excites us!

And there you have it =) Please download your heads off because the bands get paid and there's a lot of stuff for all of us to pay for this summer!! Please spread the word about this site and let people online know they can come over here and download all of our releases for free... GUILT FREE!!"
Lindsay & Joel (Mylene Sheath)

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Label/Date: The Mylene Sheath, 2009
Genre: post-rock
From: Beverly MA
Website : Myspace

From Monument To Masses - On Little Known Frequencies

I know this came out a while ago but I kept neglecting to post it. I still listen to it often. One of the year's best.
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Label/Date: Dim Mak Records, 2009
Genre: instrumental rock
From: San Francisco + New York
Similar/Related: The Samuel Jackson Five,, Te, GYBE!, Mogwai, DJ Shadow, Tortoise, The Mercury Program
Website : Myspace

Precious Fathers - Alluvial Fan

"Where their first, self-titled record played with wide open spaces and delicate, quiet bridges, their latest record boasts some louder more forceful directions. A maturing of moods, songs like “Swells” and “Sylvan Court” play out to provide rich crescendos of sound and thick, dense changes as each song brings about a new time, a new idea, a new place, sometimes, even a precious new experience." -white whale
Download: rapidshare thanks Ribsout
Label/Date: White Whale, 2009
Genre: post-rock
From: Vancouver
LIYL: The Jimmy Cake, Tristeza, Do Make Say Think, Samuel Jackson 5, Tarentel, Maserati, Motion Turns It On, Pivot
Website : Myspace