Thursday, June 16, 2011

SubRosa - No Help For The Mighty One

Profound Lore, 2011

One of my favorites this year.

"Subrosa comprises the deep thrum that makes up the underlying plasma of our invisible surroundings. The dark air of eerie violin, warped vocals, downtuned guitar and thunderous, sludgy bass grips its focus on the low end. The supernatural black-rock riffs are grossly stripped-down. Extreme straightforwardness is the name of the game in getting to the primitive center inside all of us that has the most power to overpower."

LIYL: Grayceon, Giant Squid, Minsk, Rose Kemp, Battle of Mice, Mouth of the Architect

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dunkeleith said...

I was hanged on this album during the last two days. So epic.

dotsnotfeathers said...

Definitely agree this is one of the better releases to come out this year. I wouldve never thought Subrosa would end up this good after. The improvement from their first album is stounding.

Richard said...

Thanks! Great stuff! Good to see you back!

Raze Hell said...

this is very good. thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

LYIL: Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony