Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mayyors - Deads

Hurling Man, 2009

This will be the most painful 9 minutes of your ear's day.
"Snotty, snarly, fuzzy, punky, noisy, catchy, druggy, crumbling ultra distorted guitars, wild pounding drums, yowled effected vox, tons of feedback, FX all over the place and THICK corrosive buzzing bass that drives EVERYTHING. Imagine maybe a poppier, less fucked up more new wave Rusted Shut, that same sort of chaotic noise rock, that while druggy, manages to be a bit tighter and a whole lot less on the verge of total collapse, while remaining awesomely chaotic. The final track might be our favorite, the same sort of revved up Brainbombs style dirge, supercharged, and eventually growing more and more and more distorted and in-the-red, culminating in what might just be the raddest post-Buttholes drug rock noise guitar freakout EVER." - Aquarius Records
LIYL: Todd, Rusted Shut, Part Chimp, Harry Pussy, AIDS Wolf, Pissed Jeans
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Ben Sommer said...

I'll take your word for it.

Anonymous said...

Four posts at once makes it more difficult for me to leave wankerish comments on each one.

soundweave said...

who the fuck are you? wanker