Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bison BC - Dark Ages

MetalBlade, 2009

I heard they had this cd at walmart for about 7 bucks* but when I went they didn't have any so I just bought a bunch of frozen pizzas instead. They were on sale! So if you find yourself in that horrible place, pick this up if you see it. It's cheap and it rocks! (*this is probably just in Canadian walmarts cuz BBC is from Vancouver)
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Anonymous said...

Damn man...if you keep posting such quality xit you won't ever have to wank it again because you'll have a lot of nerdy girls wanting to meet you.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i guess he`s right
signed, Anonyma

Barmen said...

This blog rocks... Even my art teacher recommends it! If my PC's memory wasn't full...