Monday, May 17, 2010

Residual Echoes - California

Holy Mountain, 2010

"After returning to their native state of California from a national tour, Residual Echoes went in to the studio immediately, for their most cohesive effort yet. California is comprised of four songs. "White Cloud" and "Julie Patchouli" could be called "pop songs," and they are rock and roll to the fullest, but they are ensconced in luscious, freak-out arrangements further enhanced by a select group of special guests. The second side of the LP is a suite dedicated to the state of California complete with references ranging from the construction of the railroads, the natural beauty of the land and the mating rituals of elephant seals. It ends with a distorted take on Los Angeles via UK-colored glasses with the title track which erupts into epic, pulsing, skronk-raunch riffs that cease to abate for the duration of the song's 10-minute length (all the while making references to summer, SST records, earthquakes and helicopters flying through the streets of Hollywood seeking out pillaging Slayer fans. Really. It's all there)"- holy mountain

LIYL: Assembled Head In Sunburst Sound, Eternal Tapestry, White Hills, Comets on Fire, Six Organs of Admittance, Magic Lantern, Black Mountain, Acid Mothers Temple, La Otracina
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Arizona Phossils said...

hello! thanks for posting my records. I'm glad you dig 'em! you can put leave them up on your site if you want.

just want to let you know you can visit the band here.

and listen to (almost) everything here:

new music and touring coming this year.