Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Howl - Full of Hell

Relapse, 2010

"Providence, RI quartet Howl mix crusty, hoarse bellows with triumphant/catchy riffs, a sludgy doom atmosphere, knotty structures, a punk spirit, and a somewhat bleak outlook on things (or, as the press release puts it: “Howl are open about how they draw inspiration from mother nature’s decline”). So, basically, no-bullshit heaviness. Or, as they put it at their MySpace: “Bong-rippin’ Labyrinth metal.” The recent tour with Skeletonwitch makes perfect sense. So would one with an early Mastodon. And, hey, so do those upcoming shows with Eyehategod." - stereogum

LIYL: Bison BC, Unearthly Trance, High On Fire, Triptykon, The Gates of Slumber, Lair of the Minotaur, Acid Witch
Website : Myspace : dl


ryanb said...

this link is busted, here is a new one:


ryanb said...

also, thanks for turning me on to this, going to see them in chicago in june w/pentagram

soundweave said...

link seems to work. thanks for the alternate though. (hint for everyone: if megaupload says the file is temporarily unavailable, just try again later)

Anonymous said...

both links are not available anymore. but nice blog though!

Luis A. Funebre said...

666! :)