Monday, May 17, 2010

The Alps - Le Voyage

Type Records, 2010

"With propulsive, break heavy rhythms sure to appeal to any diggers out there and a blissful, sunny outlook to wipe the frown from the faces of all you dour experimental types, ‘Le Voyage’ is a crack of light in a dark room. A mysterious record, it is punctuated by the same energy that gave us space rock and psychedelia, and while the band are quick to demonstrate their wide-ranging musical knowledge, there is something incredibly unique about their sound. This is not a lazy soundtrack to a film which might never be made, rather ‘Le Voyage’ is a journey for the listener and one you will want to take over and over again." - Type Records

LIYL: Voice Of The Seven Thunders, Woodsman, Tarentel, Popol Vuh, Grails, Ghost, Ash Ra Tempel,
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D said...

Been waiting for these guys to release a follow-up...thanks for posting!