Friday, December 11, 2009

Stellar OM Source - Ocean Woman

"Stellar OM Source is the solo project of electronic musician, composer, visionary artist and icon Christelle Gualdi. She holds a lot of mysteries around her atomic, oceanic and influential personality. She was born in the suburbs of Paris from French-Italian parents. She began to play electronic music as a teenager while recording soundtracks for exhibitions, assisting her father at the radio studio using Yamaha MSX and Atari 1040 systems. Next to this, her music taste has been influenced by early fascination for fusion, guitar heroes and ECM artists, as well as disco and new-age music her mother brought to her.
She plays today a range of different analog synthesizers and makes an extensive use of MIDI and electronic equipment. Stellar OM Source involves musicality as a transport to the ocean realm within the stars. She combines gorgeous, rippling keyboard runs with clusters of overtone gravity so thick they seem to simply hang in the air and unravel true beauty. Beyond the interface of the machine, she conveys spirituality and an emotional body. Her sounds can be related to Terry Riley, Alice Coltrane or Ryuichi Sakamoto." -myspace
Download: megaupload
Label/Date: self-released, 2009
Genre: ambient/drone
From: Netherlands
Similar/Related: Emeralds, Valet, Tim Hecker, Mountains, Windy & Carl, Mouthus, Terry Riley, Popol Vuh, Religious Knives, CLuster, Klaus Schulze
Website : Myspace


mr.A said...

I love you dude, awesome thank you very much.

soundweave said...

love you too man :)

Anonymous said...

Hey, this is Weird Ribs, I'm giving away my album and new EP for free. And thought you folks would enjoy.

Shares similarities to the likes of Emeralds, Growing, James Ferraro as well as the likes of Krautrock like Tangerine Dream and Cluster.

Download the album here:

and the new EP here:

for more information, visit the myspace:

All the best