Thursday, December 24, 2009

Shawn Lee

Shawn Lee - Soul In The Hole

"Soul In The Hole is a tribute to multi-instrumentalist Shawn Lees favorite soul sounds through the eras. Featuring guest-appearances from Paul Butler (The Bees), Nicole Willis, Darondo, Karime Kendra, Fanny Franklin, and Kirin Lee, the album is an homage to styles from the late 1960s to the 1980s. “Writing and recording this project felt so natural. It was like coming home,” says Lee. “The great Richie Havens famously once said "I'm going back to my roots." That's exactly what I've done,” he adds."
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Lord Newborn & The Magic Skulls (Shawn Lee, Money Mark & Tommy Guerrero)

"Lord Newborn and the Magic Skulls is the collaborative project of esteemed sound scientists Money Mark, Shawn Lee, and Tommy Guerrero. In the winter of 2008 they locked themselves away in Money Mark’s Los Angeles-based studio for two weeks. A tasty three-way meeting of the minds resulted in this funk-inflicted collection of beats n’ breaks, wrapped-up in a sunny West Coast musical tortilla that’s smothered in as much jazz and prog-rock as it is in soulful psychedelia."
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Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Clutch Of The Tiger

"Clutch of the Tiger sounds like a collection of film-noir tracks run through the Clutchy Hopkins and Shawn Lee magical music machine. It’s dusty and mysterious junkyard jazz that’s powered by sly beats and other-worldly funk. Famous comic book creator Jim Mahood (who has worked on Spiderman/Marvel, Clerks, Grrl Scouts, Stupid Comics, etc etc) liked the tunes so much he provided the killer artwork for the package!"
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Shawn Lee & Clutchy Hopkins - Fascinating Fingers

"They're back! More collaborations from the unstoppable Mr. Lee and the mysterious one. Going deeper than before this new album brings out the best in both and features full string sections, a guest appearance from UK group The Superimposers, and some serious Mojave marauding beats."
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Shawn Lee's Ping Pong Orchestra - A Very Ping Pong Christmas: Funky Treats From Santa's Bag

"Late one cold winter night, our Little Drummer Boy found himself alone in his chilly recording studio. Busting out the Jingle Bells he decided to break the unseasonably eerie Silent Night and play himself a song or two. “Some of My Favorite Things,” he muttered to himself as he stared at his vast collection of musical instruments strewn throughout the room. “O Come All Ye Faithful” he sung to his horn section as he mustered the musical muscle to Deck The Halls. Old Saint Mick joined him on the black and whites and the two of them knew that as long as they had tunes, they would not be alone this Holiday season."
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