Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Yellow Moon Band - Travels into Several Remote Nations of the World

The Yellow Moon Band have created a heady stew of groovy psych rock, folk and the occasional slab of Brit Invasion rock. All of which could be a mess in lesser hands, but the instrumental capabilities of the four-piece makes Travels a choogling joy. -

Download: megaupload
Label/Date: Static Caravan, 2009
Genre: Instrumental Psychedelic Jams
From: United Kingdom
Similar/Related: Dungen, The Time & Space Machine, Grateful Dead, Amon Düül II, Fleetwood Mac, Blue Oyster Cult, The Who, Radio Moscow, Ten East, Bakerton Group
Website : Myspace


Petya Venikov said...

great new posts thank you!!

zillagord said...

This is killer! Loving it, thanks for alerting me to this great band.

Hope you are well. Peace,

spunkie said...

Yes this is great ten out of ten!