Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Time And Space Machine

Volume I (2007)

Download: mediafire Thanks to psychout_cortez
"The Time And Space Machine is one half of the mysterious Beyond The Wizards Sleeve combo and here are the first fruits of their toils. Volume One comprises of eight cuts all double dipped in quality cosmic psyche, mind bending krautrock and jump-up freakbeatery. From the monster drum jam of 'Be There' to the funky drum jam of 'Lesson One' via the tripped out Acid Bath of 'Buffalo Roam' to the Gainsbourgesque 'Amourous Ways' - it's all killer and no filler."

Volume II (2009)

Download: megaupload
"Here we go again "The Time and Space Machine", featuring one half of the shadowy Beyond The Wizard's Sleeve, is back with another prime collection of psychedelic re-edits. Ranging from full on, ten-minute guitar freakouts to lysergic acid folk to warped sunshine freakbeat, 'Volume 2' is a aural head trip for the weird and wired. We have lift off..."

Genre: psychedelic rock re-edits
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Unknown said...

Nice one.. thanks.
The cover of the "II" is awesome...

Petya Venikov said...

great new posts thank you!!

Marek Marek said...

Magnificent! Thnkx a lot!

zillagord said...

Fuzzbox alerted me to this:

A nice mix, using some of the songs found on the albums, some from other sources. Definitely worth checking out if you enjoy these (and you better, they are amazing and amazingly fun).


soundweave said...

Thanks for the link Zilla

Anonymous said...

thank you - steve

the saucer people said...

Just letting you know that while the link to The Time & Space Machine Volume One (mediafire) is still working, the link to Time & Space Machine Volume Two (rapidshare) is dead....with the new T&SM album out I imagine a number of people will be looking for the other releases so if there is any chance of you re-uploading Volume 2 that would be splendid.

soundweave said...

re-upped for the saucer people