Friday, June 12, 2009

Wildbirds & Peacedrums - The Snake

Incredible singing, amazing drumming and inventive songs. I've never heard anything like this before. Some of the best music I've heard all year.

"Wildbirds & Peacedrums are a contemporary experimental two piece hailing from Sweden consisting of singer Mariam Wallentin and her husband, drummer Andreas Werliin. Their ‘instruments’ consist of her powerful vocals and his unorthodox percussion/drumming, resulting in a powerful, innovative sound. Their music is a hybrid of folk, blues and various other types of music."-lastfm

Video for There is No Light here and a good review here.
Download: megaupload
Label/Date: The Leaf Label, 2009
Genre: vocals and drums duo, folk, pop, blues, experimental
From: Sweden
Similar/Related: Björk, Nina Nastasia & Jim White, Lykke Li, Joanna Newsom, Evangelista, Efterklang, Pocahaunted
Website : Myspace


ryanb said...

this has been taken down everywhere! i tried to buy it from their online store but you cant get a downloadable album in the US! any tips@ can you email me a copy? thanks for all the good music!

Josh Brown said...

This duo are quality. Have you checked out the 07 album? It has some stellar songs on it!

ryanb said...

i did. its fantastic. also thanks for turning my on to phoebe killdear..i still cant get enough of that album.

GrgDotBDot said...

please re-upload. the link died! best regards! g.

soundweave said...

another link I found. grab it fast

ryanb said...

thanks man!!

GrgDotBDot said...