Friday, June 5, 2009

Arriver - Vandlandingham and Zone

Sweet, ass-kicking, fun metal! Another gem unearthed by Velvety Sheath, Glistening Sword! Here's what he said about it:
"This is a concept album of the highest order, in which our hero, Halon Hong, leads the oppressed denizens of Vanlandingham into a mighty fray in the Zone against their enemies, the Long. Or, the lining of the Long, I think. Or maybe the Long are the good guys...I don't know. But there's an epic battle going on here, with majestic music to fit. This is what metal is supposed to be about: raising swords, vanquishing foes, ending tyranny. No mercy to them shall be shown, indeed. All hail Halon Hong!"
Download: megaupload
Label/Date: self-released, 2006
Genre: epic metal/prog/punk
From: Chicago
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