Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Turning It Down Since 2001 (Load, 2003) mediafire
The Iron Point (Load, 2004) mediafire
Noxagt (Load, 2006) mediafire
Genre: instrumental sludge/noise trio
Website:, load records page
Buy: amazon

My 2 cents: First 2 albums have bass, drums and viola, the viola adding that extra something special. I'd suggest listening to The Iron Point first as its the one I can't stop listening to. On their self-titled 3rd LP the viola is gone, replaced by plain old electric guitar. Now the band is just as pummeling, if not more so, but just not as interesting. Still all three albums rock. Check em out.

Info: Norwegian trio Noxagt play slow-burn metal stripped to its essential elements: no vocals, no solos, just lurching riffs and pounding rhythms, a precision machine on a hot rail to hell. The obvious comparison, given the Load Records connection, is to heavy-rock deconstructionists like Lightning Bolt, but I think that's a red herring. The stateside duo are fast and frantic where Noxagt are methodical; Lightning Bolt and their imitators explode; Noxagt are a battering ram. Same result, different methods. - dustedmagazine (all 3 albums reviewed on this site)


ttb said...

these guys are sick man! thanks alot

Greco Bastián Después said...

re-upload man, the links are dead!! great job!!!