Sunday, January 21, 2007

Dalek - Abandoned Language

Download: mediafire
Label/Date: Ipecac, 2007
Standout tracks:
Genre: experimental hip-hop
From: New Jersey
LIYL: Subtle, Public Enemy, E. Neubauten, Faust, Boards of Canada
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Info: "When we last left off with Dälek, they had released Absence, a dark and dirgy romp through hip-hop's underground that left countless listeners and critics in awe. However, while it would probably be a good career move to replicate that album's noisy charm, Dälek have once again reinvented themselves with their fourth and most accomplished full-length, Abandoned Language. "We've been making wall of noise records for a long time and I think with Absence we realized that was as far as we wanted to go with that sound," dälek (the MC/producer) explains. "That sound was just so heavy and dense, but the new one is about composition and notes we are playing. The layering is still there, but the instrumentation is totally different." In fact, from the sinister strings in "Lynch" to old-school hip-hop flavor of "Isolated Stare" to the heady melodicism of "Tarnished", Abandoned Language is complex enough for fans of avant-noise, but accessible enough for mainstream hip-hop audiences." -ipecac


Abel Cuevas said...

Hi, I've just discover your blog.Good job. I downloaded Bardo Pond's "ticket crystals" but I can't find the password to unzip the .rar file. Can you tell me the password? Thank you!

Ellaguru said...

i knew 'bout your blog by looking at some comments on indie hiphop onpostrock live journal(i was the anonymos one). thanx for dalek,also the other albums are good!
do you know(and have)something of Kill The Vultures?that's another non-alligned hiphop band! if you find it it would be great!
thanx in advance and thanx for the blog!

Ellaguru said...

i can't give those links to the Journal(postrockexchange) 'cause it said that i have an oper proxy(or something like that)wich could trasmitt i give to you the originals message to tell to your post rock friends. thanks!

"well, i'm still the one who asked for Passage...i visited the blog by soudweave...a good blog and i downloaded Dalek, an excellent i decided not to wait too long with the's to you some anticon and anticon-like albums: enjoy!

Sole (2 albums)
Bottle Of Humans
Selling Live Water

the other side of the looking glass

God Loves Ugly

Ellaguru said...

it's ok,i have fixed the problem

soundweave said...

hey frankie. sorry bout that. it was a while ago that i downloaded it (a lot of the links on here are just stolen from other blogs) can't find the password so I reupped it to mediafire. check the original post for the updated link.

Unknown said...

here is our review of this album-pretty cool stuff

neato blog!


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