Saturday, January 24, 2009

Top 2008 #s 1-10

Yound Widows - Old Wounds

Download: rapidshare
From: Louisville, Kentucky. Genre: noise-rock, post-hardcore
LIYL: The Jesus Lizard, Shellac, Breather Resist, Fight Amp, AmRep bands
Website : Myspace : Label

Mouth Of The Architect - Quietly

Download: megaupload
From: Hell, Ohio. Genre: Post-Sludge
LIYL: Neurosis, Minsk, ISIS, Cult of Luna, Corrupted, Rosetta, Year of No Light, Thou
Website : Myspace : Label

Grails - Take Refuge In Clean Living

Download: megaupload
From: Portland, Oregon. Genre: experimental, psychedelic
LIYL: Priestbird, Ghost, Bardo Pond, Faust, Ash Ra Tempel, Tulsa Drone, James Blackshaw, Silver Apples
Website : Myspace : Label

Torche - Meanderthal

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From: Miami, Florida. Genre: stoner rock/metal
LIYL: Floor, Big Business, Queens of the Stone Age, Melvins, Baroness
Website : Myspace : Label

Bison BC - Quiet Earth

Download: sendspace
From: Vancouver BC. Genre: stoner-metal
LIYL: High on Fire, Baroness, Saviours, Mastodon, Motorhead, Kylesa
Website : Myspace : Label

Pocahaunted - Chains/Island Diamonds/Mirror Mics

Download CHAINS: megaupload
From: Eagle Rock, California. Genre: psych-drone, tribal drone
LIYL: Grouper, Religious Knives, Robedoor, Inca Ore, Mouthus, Double Leopards, Lichens, Sunn O)))
Website : Myspace : Label

The Drift - Memory Drawings

Download: rapidshare
From: San Francisco. Genre: dub-jazz-rock
LIYL: Tarentel, Do Make Say Think, Miles Davis, Triosk, Bluebridge Quartet, Jaga Jazzist
Website : Myspace : Label

Circle - Hollywood

Download: megaupload
From: Finland. Genre: psychedelic, krautrock, metal
LIYL: Pharaoh Overlord, Faust, Can, Neu!, Judas Priest, Acid Mothers Temple, Hawkwind, Hammers of Misfortune, Kyuss
Website : Myspace : Label

Earthless - Live at Roadburn

Download: megaupload
From: San Diego. Genre: heavy psych, instrumental/jam metal
LIYL: Hendrix, Acid Mothers Temple, Mammatus, Kyuss, Blue Cheer, Zeppelin, Ash Ra Tempel, Iota, La Ira De Dios, Ancestors, Tee Pee Records roster, Green Milk From The Planet Orange, Boris
Website : Myspace : Label

U.S. Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs

Download: megaupload
From: Marion, North Carolina. Genre: psych, space rock
LIYL: Acid Mothers Temple, Hawkwind, Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Comets on Fire, Up-Tight, Danava, Crystal Castles
Website : Myspace : Label


is this your life? said...

No Lifelover makes me a sad unicorn, but it's another excellend Soundweave list.

Here's what I settled on for the year, although I wasn't really huge on too much that came out.
01. Lifelover - Konkurs
02. Gloomy Grim - Under the Spell of the Unlight
03. Mar de Grises - Draining the Waterheart
04. Mercy Arms - Mercy Arms
05. Zeigeist - The Jade Motel
06. Cynic - Traced in Air
07. Cut Copy - In Ghost Colours
08. Septic Flesh - Communion
09. Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip - Angles
10. MC Chris - MC Chris is Dead
11. Hail of Bullets - ...Of Frost and War
12. Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
13. Necrovation - Breed Deadness Blood
14. October Falls - The Womb of Primordial Nature
15. M83 - Saturdays = Youth
16. Lukestar - Lake Toba
17. Satyricon - The Age of Nero
18. Dornenreich - In Luft Geritzt
19. Darkthrone - Dark Thrones and Black Flags
20. Leviathan - Massive Conspiracy Against All Life

soundweave said...

A lot more metal on your list. I'll check out Lifelover. Also didn't know October Falls released a new one so I'll have to find that too. Cheers!

Unknown said...

I made my top for 2008 too. Because soundweave help me to find awesome band hop this will help too in return :
1. Adebisi Shank - This is the album of a band called Adebisi Shank
2. Jex Thoth - Totem
3. Black Mountain - In The Future
4. Colour Haze - All
5. Ufomammut - Idolum
6. The Black Angels - Directions to See a Ghost
7. Cult of Luna - Eternal Kingdom
8. US Christmas - Eat The Low Dogs
9. Bokor - Vermin Soul
10. The Kills - Midnight Boom
11. The Haunted - Versus
12. Earth - The Bees Made Honey in the Lion's Skull
13. Ultra Vomit - Objectif : Thunes
14. Eagles Of Death Metal - Heart On
15. Ez3kiel - Battlefield
16. The Winchester Club - Britannia Triumphant
17. Gojira - The Way of all Flesh
18. Earthless - Live at Roadburn
19. Thursday & Envy - Split

is this your life? said...

Yeah, definitely more metal, much of it probably not to your taste, either. I will say that Lifelover should be right up your alley - romantic, demented black metal. You would probably dig the Mar De Grises, too - trippy, proggy death/doom.

is this your life? said...

Here's the Mar de Grises for ya. If you don't want the link in the comments (or if you want more links), just let me know.

maare said...

finally! soundweave is proven source of good music. keep up the great work.
My list

soundweave said...

Thanks for the Mar De Grise link Unicorn. It sounds pretty good from what I've heard so far. Got the Lifelover album too and after just 1 listen I can say it's pretty damn good and I think I'll like it even more the second time. Cheers!

is this your life? said...

Glad I could give you some joy in return for all the fantastic stuff you've turned me on to!

Sonicly Speaking said...

Always love your year end stuff.

Here's the new Beware of Safety!

Xana said...


I love your blog and i downloaded almost everyhting =) it's great, keep up the good work.

And if you can, help me with my blog, and put it in your sidebar please :)


The Dim Collective said...

Dude wheres Intronaut - Prehistoricisms

a AMAZING album your insane for not putting it on here ;)

voigt said...

is this blog dead?

the hat said...

Yeah, is this blog dead? That's a question that has been on my mind for awhile.

Ihriel said...

Hmmm... Thanks a lot for U.S Christmas! Pretty Great.

Here´s my top 10

1. pg.lost- It's Not Me, It's You
2. Bohren & Der Club of Gore- Dolores
3. Shugo Tokumaru- Exit
4. Burst- Lazarus Bird
5. Bar Kokhba- Lucifer: Book of Angels vol. 10
6. Have a Nice Life- Deathconsciousness
7. Esbjorn Svensson Trio- Leucocyte
8. Peter Broderick- Float
9. Earthless- Live At Roadburn
10. Neil On Impression- L'Oceano delle Onde Che Restano Onde Per Sempre