Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Earthless - Live at Roadburn

Huge thanks to Dimitri. God-fucking-damn-it I love this band!
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Label/Date: Tee Pee Records, 2008
Genre: heavy psych, instrumental/jam metal
From: San Diego
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"Featured at the Roadburn Festival held annually in Tilburg, Holland, the heavy psychedelic trio Earthless includes Mario Rubalcaba (ex-Rocket From the Crypt, Hot Snakes, Blackheart Procession, Clickatat Ikatowi) on drums, Isaiah Mitchell (Nebula, Drunk Horse) on guitar and Mike Eginton (Electric Nazarene) on bass. The festival is a celebration of tube-driven distortion, crackling electrical guitars and the many fans that come to celebrate the mighty riff. Earthless embodies the true essence of Roadburn so it came as no supplies that the band was invited to play in the 2008 edition.

Unexpectedly, Earthless wound up on the main stage of the festival in front of 2,000 rabid fans, mere moments before they were to headline The Batcave (a room with 200 person capacity). Live At Roadburn came about not so much by default but out of sheer necessity. When the headlining band at the festival did not use their two hour time slot on the main stage, concert organizers were left scrambling to find a replacement to fill the slot.

Earthless gladly accepted the opportunity and proceeded to lay waste to all that was surrounding them for a straight hour and a half of visual mind and audio massacre! Told of the recordings, the band had a few listens and decided that it was the most honest document that they could offer, for they were caught in their natural environment - the live show.

Tee Pee Records is proud to present Earthless’ latest assault on the senses, Live At Roadburn, a double LP/CD masterpiece recorded live at this year’s Roadburn Festival."


Petya Venikov said...

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Will said...

I used to catch Earthless every chance I got when I lived in San Diego. Fucking incredible live band, and amazingly friendly musicians too. Buy everything these guys put out! And if you're ever in town, visit Mario's record store, Thirsty Moon Records

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