Sunday, February 17, 2008

Katabatic - Vago EP

This would have made it high on my year end list if I heard it earlier. Standout track is #4 with a last minute that is absolutely sublime and doesn't last nearly long enough.
Download: sharebee
Label/Date: self-released, 2007
Genre: post-rock, experimental, ambient
From: Lisboa, Portugal
LIYL: This Will Destroy You, Isis, Jakob, Laura, Mono
Website: none
Myspace: /katabatic


P1n7o said...

it's good to see that some portuguese bands get the exposure they deserve... you should check out "riding panico" and "the allstar project" also. and

blend77 said...

Awesome list dude! So cool to see we shared a lot of similarities.

Checking panda bear now... thanks again!

check the new Black Mountain. its great. and so is the new 5ive... early contenders for year end lists!

blend77 said...

also, new Lento was great. thought it was 2008.

and Chris Hakius left Om... sad stuff...

kollaps said...

At last there's some good Portuguese music.

thirdeye said...


k. said...

like, i'm from portugal and i saw them once, it's really great. and so happens that i usually come to this blog, and now i'm just really surprised 'cause u seem to be the only person to have their EP for a proper download. that you and keep goin