Monday, September 17, 2007

Pelican - Pink Mammoth 10"

Title track is an updated and slightly re-titled version of a "Mammoth" from the band's debut EP. The b-side "End of Seasons" by Prefuse 73 is a remix/mashup of sorts combining the un-titled track from FIOT and "Aurora Borealis" from Australasia.
Download: sharebee
Link borrowed from bolachas gratis
Label/Date: Hydrahead, 2007
Myspace: /pelican


mr.A said...

Big thanks dude, i didnt know about this one.

...keep up the good work!!

Scott12xu said...

Good thing I didn't pay $15 for this waste. What is the point of this, anyway? Pelican keeps using worthless "remixes" to pad these limited edition deals like it's hamburger helper. Weakest thing they've done.