Tuesday, August 21, 2007

The Lickets - Journey In Caldecott

"Incorporating built instruments and almost orchestral arrangements, The Lickets create a dramatic sweep of sound not seen since the late sixties psych-compositional works of Alain Goraguer or Jean Claude Vannier. Journey in Caldecott is at times surreal and visceral like Quincy Jones and Gil Evans conducting a Led Zeppelin,Delia Derbyshire,13th Floor Elevators performance of Faust IV." -amazon
Download part 1: mediafire
Download part 2: mediafire
Label/Date: International Corporation 2007
Genre: experimental, avant-garde, psychedelic, eastern
From: Chicago, Illinois
Website: www.lickets.com
Myspace: /thelickets
Purchase: amazon


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Unknown said...

mediafire link oesn't work ;(

Sonicly Speaking said...

I reviewed this CD for the radio station I work out, I was pleasantly surprised and even more surprised when a lot of other DJs played it.

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Link Here

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thanks eduardo

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thanks for positng