Thursday, October 9, 2008

Soul and senses aligned create the greatest music
(japanese translation courtesy of Chairmaker)

Download: rapidshare
Label/Date: Zankyo Records, 2008
Genre: post-rock, instrumental-rock
From: Japan
LIYL: Lite, Mudy On The Sakuban, Muddy World, Caspian, Toe, Mono, Ostinato, Maserati, Hematovore
Website : Myspace


Some form of an Oxymoron said...

You sir, are a God amongst men.

been a long time fan, thank you for your awesome stuff. especially this type of post-rock, just love it to death.

Thank you once again!!

The Whale said...

Awesome blog! Interested in exchanging links?

onionion said...

I just love your blog,
the music and great pictures around it too.

keep it up

Chairmaker said...

*Sigh* People do realize babelfish translations are babble right?

A corrector translation would be: "Soul and senses aligned create the greatest music" (Te's titles are generally pretentious rather than nonsensical- it's just that nobody ever renders them in English correctly.)

/grumpy pedant

Great blog btw.

soundweave said...

Thanks for the translation chairmaker, that makes a lot more sense.

Thanks for everyone's comments.

OMFG! easter egg:
Te’ - Live DVD (2007).avi
from the AfterThePostRock forum. sorry it's the only link I have.

031boys said...

cool blog here :D I added ur blog to our blog :d cheers ,,