Thursday, October 9, 2008

Akimbo - Jersey Shores

"AKIMBO (the good guys) will be releasing our first ever concept record on NEUROT RECORDINGS. The album is called "Jersey Shores", the concept is "nature will fuck you up", and the theme is "sharks, in particular, will totally fuck you up." The subject matter we have harvested and immersed in to forge this piece of music is actually much more robust and historical than I am letting on here, but in the interest of comedy I have decided to remain base and neanderthal. Ha. The record is six songs, about 45 minutes long, and is an intergalactic portcullis that will unlock the secrets of time travel for the benefit of man. It was recorded in the same session as Navigating the Bronze (two albums in one session? oh yes we did) by master Chris Owens in dirty dirty dirty Louisville, KY."
Download: sharebee
Label/Date: Neurot Recordings, 2008
Genre: stoner-metal, sludge, noise-rock, experimental
From: Seattle, Washington
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Petya Venikov said...

really really solid album

mr.A said...

Thank you very much!

Kris said...

file has been blocked for illegal content, can you upload this again please?

Sonicly Speaking said...

I was pretty disappointed by this for some reason. I really only loved the 3rd track.

Mcgill Med said...

file not found :(

DANE said...

file has been blocked