Monday, October 27, 2008

Supercontinent - Vaalbara

"Skull crushing sludge metal for fans of early ISIS and Cult Of Luna. It's mostly instrumental and all around incredible." Thanks to RibsOut for the link.

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Label/Date: Saw Her Ghost Records, 2008
Genre: post-metal, sludge, doom
From: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Similar/Related: Cult of Luna, early ISIS, Mouth of the Architect, Bossk, Neurosis, Omega Massif, North, Kongh, Manatees, Empires
Website : Myspace

"In geology, a supercontinent is a landmass comprising more than one continental core, or craton. Most commonly, paleogeographers employ the term supercontinent to refer to a single landmass consisting of all the modern continents. Vaalbara is the Earth's theorized first supercontinent." -wikipedia

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