Monday, October 27, 2008

Eden Express - Que Amors Que

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Label/Date: Holy Mountain, 2008
Genre: psych-folk
From: Memphis, Tennessee
Similar/Related: Brightback Morning Light, Pocahaunted, Wildbirds & Peacedrums, Cloudland Canyon, Espers, Lau Nau, Islaja, Six Organs Of Admittance
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"While just about everything Holy Mountain puts out is awesome they also tend to focus on the heavier side of the underground musical landscape. With this debut by Eden Express they're showing their softer side, while managing to keep the awesomeness on full throttle! There would be no other time for this record to get released then smack dab in the midst of summer as this is some sun-soaked-tripped-out-bake-at-the-beach-psych-pop that we can't get enough of. Featuring one member of Cloudland Canyon, this is a group who understand how to evoke colorful and vivid sensations. Mixing Eastern tinged psychedelia with delicious hints of washed out samba with such an effortless and breezy delivery. This is a timeless sounding record that could just as easily be some lost early '70s South American psychedelic gem (which the cover design suggests) as much as a much more drugged out Antena or Brightblack Morning Light jamming on the beach with some Finnish folks like Lau Nau and Islaja at their side. Such delicious delay and reverb, just the right touches of flute and otherworldliness, and it's about time psych gets out of the forest and onto the sand. A record made to soak in sun and melt with." - Aquarius Records

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thanks been looking for this album since it was recorded
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