Sunday, June 17, 2007

T2 - It'll All Work Out in Boomland

"Although they only made one album T2 created this genuine masterpiece before they split up shortly after the albums release. Led by gifted teenage guitarist Keith Cross and featuring drummer Peter Dunton (ex Gun) and Bernard Jinks (ex Bulldog Breed) this great record is up there with Caravan's 3rd album and King Crimson's 1st as a UK '70's progressive psych monster. Based around the guitar work of Cross, the album features tight vocal harmonies, sweeping orchestration, and powerful complex arrangements. The epic "No More White Horses" is certainly the pinnacle of the record but there is not really a duff track on it. An album to explore over and over again and original vinyl copies of this are worth a fortune. Remastered plus three extra tracks taken from BBC recordings."
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Label/Date: Decca, 1970
Genre: Prog-rock, Hard-rock, Blues
From: England
LIYL: Led Zeppelin, Cream, King Crimson, Deep Purple, ELP, Hendrix
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