Tuesday, June 26, 2007


Camel (self-titled, 1973)

Download: mediafire

Mirage (1974)

Download: mediafire

Moonmadness (1976)

Download: mediafire

All in 128k mp3, sorry for the low bitrate.
Standout tracks: Lunar Sea, Earthrise, Nimrodel.., Never Let Go
Genre: prog/space rock
From: UK
LIYL: Genesis, Caravan, Gentle Giant, Deep Purple, ELP, Opeth (Damnation)
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Interfail said...

well actually, i would haven given a fuck for telling me how strickening these albumes are - if i hadn't knwon them for years now. i in fact did a vinyl-rip to mp3 for the mirage album was so beautiful (it is still in my itunes), i had no time for doing the others yet. but as they are offered here so nicely, i won't have to do them either.

soundweave said...

I just changed that comment because I was drunk when I wrote it. while trying to think of what to write. Thanks for your comments though. I have been listening to these albums for years as well.

prowler said...

please return to posting new albums, i have all this old stuff already :)

cjejons said...

I never could find the s/t album. Much appreciated.

ellen said...

old albums are great ..anyone can find the new ones..thanks!