Sunday, June 17, 2007

Renaissance - Scheherazade And Other Stories

"The best work of Renaissance never strayed far from the symphonic style of 19th and 20th century music. Scheherazade & Other Stories, certainly one of the band's most ambitious recordings, saw the band using their classical roots to produce one of the signature albums of 1970's progressive rock. Unlike other prog-rock groups, Renaissance eschewed much of the technology in favor of acoustic instruments and orchestral arrangements. Electric guitars and synthesizers were seldom used, giving the band's music more of a symphonic sweep." Must be pointed out that this album isn't for everyone (especially the dramatic female vocals). Most will find it pompous, over-the-top and cheesy. But still give it a chance.
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Label/Date: ?, 1975
Genre: classical/orchestral rock/prog
From: England
LIYL: Genesis, Yes, ELP, Gentle Giant, Camel, Moody Blues, classical music, Simon and Garfunkle
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