Monday, April 2, 2007

World's End Girlfriend - Hurtbreak Wonderland

"Katsuhiko Maeda returns after the highly successful collaboration with Mono to deliver his fifth album, Hurtbreak Wonderland. World's End Girlfriend continues to blur genre boundaries as digital post-rock is met with experimental modes of modern rock. Countless schools of thought are drawn upon, including everything from neo-classical to avant-garde, and they are balanced perfectly in a heroic juggling act. It is exactly this magnificent display of excellence and sophistication that has made Maeda such a captivating artist in the past, and Hurtbreak Wonderland doesn't disappoint." - Silent Ballet
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Label/Date: Human Highway Records, 2007
Genre: classical, electronica, glitch, post-rock
Purchase: Human Highway Records (japan)


pepperMINT said...

Thank you so much for the upload. I've been dying to snag a preview until my next pay check comes in. Great stuff!

Sociópata Antropófaga said...

Excelent disc!! I totally love it
Thank you so much