Thursday, April 19, 2007

Faust - The Land Of Ukko & Rauni

"This double-disc set documents a Faust live concert from 2000 that features the line-up of founding members Werner Diermaier and Hans Joachim Irmler alongside Steven Lobdell, Lars Paukstat and Michael Stoll. The eighty-four-minute concert gets off to a start that might be described as ambient by Faust’s standards only for a tangle of howling synths, metallic clanking and eerie woodwinds to swirl around tempestuously. The prog-ish rhythms start to flow after an initial phase of beatless moodscaping on ‘The Calling’ and certainly by the time you reach the second disc there’s some full-on industrial-strength krautrock experimentation going on."
Download CD1: mediafire(128k)
Download CD2: mediafire(128k)
Label/Date: Ektro Records, 2000
Standout track: #4 - one of my favorite songs.
Genre: krautrock, experimental
Purchase: boomkat
Anybody have this cd in higher bitrate than 128k?

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