Thursday, April 19, 2007

Migala - La Increíble Aventura

"For a band with five albums under its belt, Migala has remained a very low-key player on the instrumental scene, especially considering that this band has been at it as long (or longer) than Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky and some of its guitar work is just incredible. La Increíble Aventura finds the band continuing the path from experimental rock into post-rock that it started travelling down in Restos de un Incendio. Tracks are certainly more incendiary, which is apparent from the very start of the album with its crashing drums and volatile guitars. "El Gran Miercoles" caps off the album in a beautiful display of the band's ability to write heart-wrenching songs that unfolds like a blooming flower. With a history as long and rich as Migala, it’s great to see that the band continually pushes themselves in new directions and isn’t afraid of embracing risk" - Jordan Volz, silent ballet
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Label/Date: Acuarela Discos, 2004
Standout track: 7, absolutely gorgeous song and that "AAAAHOO!" at 4:26 gets me every time.
Genre: Post-rock
From: Madrid, Spain
LIYL: Clogs, Magyar Posse, Calexico, Grails, ASMZ
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Review: pitchfork
Unfortunatly they broke up after this album.

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XXuK said...

Dont look back is a fantastic band. In live, it's fabulous ;-)
(Reims - France - Novembre 2006 - With Mono!!!!!)
Others great french band :
Kwoon -

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And others if you want ;-)
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