Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Wolf People - Steeple

Jagjaguwar, 2010

"England’s Wolf People are back with their first proper LP, Steeple. They actually released a clusterfuck of an album called Tidings (which I liked), but this release is much more accessible.

Lead singer Jack Sharp recorded Tidings on his own, but for Steeple he put together a full band and, my God, do they jam. This an album for people that loved that British, bluesy, psychedelic sound of the early 70′s. It was recorded in an old chicken barn on the grounds of a 17th century Welsh mansion and the sound lives up to the picture in my mind. I am fully convinced that paisley shirts and floppy hats were worn. You can’t tell me otherwise.

“Tiny Circle” is a timeless song complete featuring a chugging rhythm section entwined with a tasty flute lick. The song pounds you into submission before veering off intermittently to let guitarist, Joe Hollick, show off his chops. And whereas on Tidings those moments of brilliance were surrounded by demos and only scratched at the surface of Wolf People’s potential, Steeple keeps them coming fast and furious. “Morning Born” into “Cromlech” will knock you on your ass. The tones that come from the guitars are amazing as the rhythm section plows forward.

This isn’t an album to listen with the wife and kids while enjoying a frittata. It’s best listened to with your bros while killing some cool ones and reminiscing about how cool you were when you had a mullet and snuck booze from parent’s liquor cabinet." - Woody

LIYL: Blue Oyster Cult, Tame Impala, Doors, Eloy, Captain Beyond, Dungen, The Animals, Black Sabbath, Black Mountain?, Budgie, T2, Jethro Tull, Guess Who
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Will said...

I had this album on repeat for like a week straight when I first heard it. One of my favorites of the year for sure!

zillagord said...

This is a good one! Glad I took a chance. Our common tastes continue.

Hope you have been well, bro.

zillagord said...

BTW, I would add Witchcraft to the "LIYL" list. Really gret album, thanks again.

soundweave said...

shit totally forgot about witchcraft. good call

proggy said...

What a fantastic album - can you rcommend anything else like this..??