Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The Main Street Gospel - Love Will Have Her Revenge

Tee Pee Records, 2010

I fucking love the tracks Fool's Gold and Ready To Shine. I listened to them so much over the summer. They flow perfectly and sound timeless. The whole album is pretty great. As are the other albums I posted today. Enjoy!

"The Main Street Gospel is a Columbus, Ohio trio who mix psych-infused classic rock with dusty country vibes and dirt-stained blues. The band was born in 2005, when Barry Dean–former tambourine shaker for the Brian Jonestown Massacre–began writing songs with longtime friend Ryan “Tito” Ida. Adam Scoppa joined the band on drums the following year.

Dean grew up around music, as his grandfather was a touring and recording guitarist for acts like Roy Rogers & The Sons of the Pioneers and The Georgia Crackers. It’s safe to say that passion for country music was passed on to his grandson. Tito grew up listening to Hank Williams and Bob Dylan and also paved his musical path early on. Scoppa takes his back beat cues from vintage Chicago blues and '60s garage.

Together, the band has a strong sense of understanding and respect for the true roots of rock n’roll. Their sound recalls elements of folk giants The Byrds and Neil Young, while at the same time retaining the modern aesthetics of revivalists like Spacemen 3 and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club." - Tee Pee

LIYL: Neil Young & Crazy Horse, The Byrds, The Black Keys, CCR, Tame Impala, Cream, Assembled Head In Sunburst Sound, 13th FLoor Elevators
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Anonymous said...

guess I'll have to wait to cut my dick off if i want to hear the new VVB

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lastest post. I really enjoyed all the these bands. Anything from TeePee is GOLD.

Anonymous said...

the new VVB is supposed to be out but i can't find it for sale ANYWHERE FUCK

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Misanthrope said...

You rule!! great post thank you :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for checking out the Main Street Gospel. The band would appreciate it if you would listen to the myspace stream or other and then purchase the CD or pay for download. We are trying to sell enough units to convince the label to release this on vinyl!! Support your favorite bands and buy something from them!