Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bridges To Dream - Fall

Dead Fawn Records, 2010

Fantastic post-rock. 2 guitarists, a drummer and a shit-load of pedals. They share 2 members of Dead Fawn. Similar to the spacey atmospheric music of bands like VVB, Caspian and Gifts From Enola, except without the more metal-like riffs. Instead going for a slower, layered atmosphere. A trance inducing album that flows as one big track. Turn this one up loud.

LIYL: Vanessa Van Basten, L'Homme Puma, Paik, Caspian, Gifts From Enola, Pg. Lost, Long Distance Calling, Irepress
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Aschtarot said...

Absolutly nice! Love that kind of atmospharic stuff.
Recommended: The german band Daturah. The song Hybrisma is awesome!



soundweave said...

yes I love Daturah and own that album. glad you liked this. cheers

zillagord said...

Really liked this one too! Thaks for posting. I am wondering what the official track listing of this album is, though. Can you hip me?

Thanks and peace,

soundweave said...

track list is same as alphabetical order. peace zilla