Saturday, September 11, 2010


Important, 2010

Excellent ambient metal record. `Blackhole' makes me think of the Predator soundtrack. or maybe it's Commando. Either way I picture Arnold running shirtless through the woods with a big gun. and that's never a bad thing right? or do I need help?

LIYL: Nadja, thisquietarmy, The Angelic Process, Fear Falls Burning, Jesu/Final, Whisper Room, Goslings, Skullflower
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Aschtarot said...

Sounds like a psychedelic mixture between Nadja and Jesu in which both fighting each other to the bones.
Sitting here with my headphones waiting for some little moment of hope in this music but it won´t come.
Really really a nice and straight soundtrack to the death and the decay humanity is causing through the years.

thx for this, never heard about before

* * e d o * * said...

dude i'm loving this. thanks!