Monday, November 30, 2009

Ga'an - Self-Titled Cassette

Can't find much info on this band and according to their broken myspace "Ga'an is De'ad". Thats a shame because this murky cassette hints at something great. Sounds like a spacey, gothic Magma, heavy on the synths and operatic female vocals.
Download: megaupload
Label/Date: Unknown/self-released, 2009
Genre: prog, zeuhl, gothic, psychedelic
From: Chicago
Similar/Related: Magma/Christian Vander, One Shot, Tangerine Dream, Stereolab, Guapo, Zombi, Yoshida Tatsuya/Koenjihyakkei/Ruins, Bondage Fruit, Shub-Niggurath
Website : Myspace


Bobby Teenager said...

GA'AN is not dead; there is a different lineup. A former member hijacked the old myspace page. Here's a new one:

FlightWrench said...

Untrue, Ga'an is dead. Any band claiming to be Ga'an is a lie. The new site is a fraud. Let it die.

FlightWrench said...

The real, and only Ga'an page:

seth said...
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seth said...

I guess the "real" and "only" Ga'an does not play shows but the fraudulent fake one does?? Seems strange...I guess FlightWrench feels that the band should die as his soul did many moons ago. Perhaps HE should let it die.

seth said...

First off, I'm sorry to use your blog as a platform for the continuing Ga'an "e-feud" that I'm sure no one cares about but I've gotta get it out somewhere...

Ga'an (a name I came up with)in its original state, was a band for a little more than year - put out TWO tapes - no record - went on ONE tour (that I fucking set up) - and basically did nothing that anyone but its members give a shit about, save the handful of fans we wrangled up along the way.

Seriously, if you think anyone on this fucking earth gives a shit if they're seeing the Ga'an with JASON in it or the one without him you're sadly mistaking. The same would go for me. I mean you're a good bassist and all but you know what? NO ONE CARES! START A NEW FUCKING BAND! CALL IT GA'AN IF YOU WANT! SERIOUSLY,it wouldn't bother me in the slightest. Why not, Amon Duul did it.

If it makes you feel better lets just say Ga'an broke up and the drummer and vocalist started a new band called Ga'an and this is the page of the NEW band called Ga'an featuring half of the original Ga'an'an. There...thats better.

Please stop this juvenile internet bickerfest! It is seriously a waste of yours, mine and everyone else's time. I am going to continue playing as Ga'an and you are free to do so as well. I don't care. I REPEAT: I DO NOT FUCKING CARE! GET YOUR LAZY ASS OFF THE INTERNET, START MAKIN SOME KICKASS JAMS, AND QUIT FUCKING BITCHING!

If anyone wants to listen the old Ga'an tracks on the internet please feel free to go to either page, they both have killer jams on 'em, the latter will soon have NEW killer jams on it, and please IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM WITH SOMEONE, TALK TO THEM ABOUT IT! work it out on a personal level. Don't use the internet as a passive aggressive way to confront someone who lives half a mile from you....