Monday, November 30, 2009

Dysrhythmia - Psychic Maps

"Not that Dysrhythmia were ever lacking for unorthodox modes and dense chords rife with dissonance, but they’ve reached a new plateau in inscrutability with Psychic Maps. They’ve all but shed the more jam-based approach of their early records, morphing into purveyors of tough, jagged, difficult music. Power chords are nowhere to be found – they’ve all been choked by Hufnagel’s dirty harmonies, then beaten to death by Marston’s clanking bass. Where riffs repeat in “Festival of Popular Delusions” and “Iron Cathedral,” they do so not to invite headbanging, but to ratchet up tension."
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Label/Date: Relapse Records, 2009
Genre: instrumental tech metal
From: Philadelphia
LIYL: Behold... the Arctopus, Canvas Solaris, Indricothere, Krallice, Don Caballero, Rothko, Intronaut, Scale The Summit, Gorguts
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Ivan Yakinov said...

Actually reminds me of the Pony Boy Jenkins (RIP) demo.